Play Aces And Faces Video Poker Free Online

The game Aces and Faces is one of the most popular poker games in casinos and online poker sites. It has spiced up the traditional poker experience. The game introduces a high-risk mode of poker, which allows people to double up their money in a short amount of time. Players who are involved with Aces and Faces are mostly experts and seasoned veterans. This is because the game offers higher chances of garnering cash compared to traditional poker games.

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The game of Aces and Faces involves only cards with faces on them. These cards are the kings, queens, jacks and aces. All other cards are rendered with no value. The risk of getting a numerical card is great since it comprises 75% of the total cards. By following the tips and guides around the net, players can find the means to win.

The game itself is not very graphically appealing, and the background music can tend to become very annoying. It features a computer sounding voice that is barely recognizable when heard, and the other game interface sounds are very generic. One thing can can be said is, with the graphical and audio flaws, the game itself plays very smoothly. The load time itself is very minimal, and the reaction time when pressing one of the buttons is flawless.

The quality of the game all depends on the players personal preference. There are many online casino players who don’t mind overlooking the graphics and game sounds for a chance to play on a game that has great performance and good reaction time. This is where Aces and Faces excels, as the players can continue to play the game without any interruption, or unnecessary, time consuming game animations.

Players need to modify their style of play from more traditional poker games in order to win. Players need to be careful and conservative when spending money. Slack players are the ones who always lose due to their inability to wait for the right cards to appear. People should remember that poker is a game of patience, conservative players win since they can wait for the right cards to appear even though it could take hours. Players should also keep in mind that cards with faces are the only ones who are going to win, and the rate that these cards would appear is very low. That is why players should be conservative and bet money only if they get the right cards.

Another way to win the Aces and Faces is by bluffing. This is very tricky and requires a lot of experience in order to succeed. This can be done by being consistent. The players need to take the time to observe his opponents. Bluffing would not be successful if the players cannot identify the weaknesses of their opponents. Bluffing involves using the weaknesses of opponents against them. A good example would be how to trick tight and conservative players. People can easily take small pots when playing against tight players because the opposing player’s tendency and impulse is to fold every time he lacks the proper hand. The bluffer would simply need to call in order to win the pot.