Aces and Fives Card Counting Strategy

You may have seen our article which covers the basics of card counting, however there are several more advanced types of card counting systems you can put into play when playing Blackjack. Whilst the theory and mathematics of these more advanced Blackjack card counting systems may seem complicated, the actual way in which you put them into operation can be relatively simple to learn.

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One such card counting strategy is the Aces and Fives method and this will interest you if you are looking for very easy ways to master the art of counting cards when playing at a land based casino. Be aware that you will not be able to count cards at an online casino as the decks are shuffled at the end of each game or before a new game is dealt out.

Aces and Fives Card Counting Betting Strategy

The way in which this Aces and Fives card counting strategy works is quite ingenious as it does away with you having to keep track of each single card that has been dealt out, and this is often the hardest part of counting cards.

The logic behind it is that as you are paid at odds of 3 to 2 for a Blackjack hand as opposed to even money on all other winning hands. As such whenever a deck become rich in Aces then a slight advantage is offered to players whilst at the same time the Dealer will be getting a slight advantage when there are a lot of five cards still in the deck.

So by keeping track of just the Aces and Fives that have been dealt out a player, more so when playing a single hand Blackjack variant will be able to locate a point in the game when either they are getting a slight advantage or conversely when the Dealer is.

You will first need to choose a base unit stake amount, let us for the sake of argument call this $5.00, then you will start to play when a new deck is in play by adding or subtracting a number for each Five or Ace that is dealt out.

Your stating score will be zero then each time a five is dealt out you add one to your current total, should an Ace get dealt out you then subtract one from this total, obviously if more Aces are dealt out than fives then your total could be a minus figure.

When each new hand is dealt out then you need to use your unit stake to determine how much you will be wagering on the next hand. If your total is positive, I.E. one or above then add that number of chips to your next wager, so if your initial wager is 5.00 and the count is two then your next bet will be 5.00 plus 2 x 5.00 chips which equals $15.00 in total.

However if the count stays at zero or is a negative then remove one chip from your bet if your wager was two or more chips, if it was one single chip then keep that in play for the next hand. You can always try the system out at home and master how to use it before visiting your local casino and trying it out in person for real money!

You should also ideally learn the basic playing strategy of Blackjack. Many land based casinos have no problems with you using a strategy card when playing at any of their live Blackjack tables, in fact many of them actively encourage it.