Play As The Reels Turn 1 Slot Machine Free Online

When a slot game theme hits it big with casino goers, it gets to have a sequel. A good example would be Slotocash Casino’s As The Reels Turn 1. As The Reels Turn 1 is the first episode of the three-part slot game series, As The Reels Turn. As The Reels Turn 1 launched the series itself, bringing a whole new style of slot game to the table. From the beginning, As The Reels Turn 1 was modeled as a three-part i-Slots series, but even absent of this fact, the game would have gotten a sequel anyway as it is so popular with Slotocash players.

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The story that unfolds while you play the game is well animated and has a very entertaining casino based soap opera feel. The game icons are easily identifiable, while the sounds and music is very pleasing to the ear. Players find themselves not only enjoying the slot game itself, but are also drawn into the unfolding action of the plot.

The game basically revolves around the life of casino mogul Matt G., the main character. Matt G. is one of the many symbols in this game’s reels. His symbol, along with the symbols of Chrissy, his female friend, and the Don, his adversary, is part of the regular reel. These character symbols are joined by the letter, lobster and wine symbols. The jackpot is triggered by the El Paradiso and the chips stack symbol, and of course, you jackpot would depend on your exact bet.

The great thing about As The Reels Turn 1 is that unlike the other i-Slots games in the Slotocash Online Casino, it gives players a better opportunity to win with the help of scatter symbols. Scatter symbols bring rewards even if they don’t appear in order. As long as they appear in the reels at least three times, you win something. The scatter symbols for this game are Ivan, the Piranha, and Tommy W., the Elvis Impersonator. Hitting Tommy W. will trigger the bonus round, while hitting Ivan more than twice will trigger the free spins round.

The free bonus spins themselves provide three times the normal payout every time a winning spin is rolled while they are in use, which can provide a substantial increase to your bankroll. The bonus games themselves are also free to play, and provide the opportunity to also increase your profits with free coins. The first couple bonus games provide a possible substantial increase, but the more you play them the more the coin amounts decrease.

You can play a maximum of 15 lines in the game. The lowest bet possible is one coin worth $0.01. The highest possible bet is $75 with 5 coins amounting to $1.00 each. As you progress with the game, you get to unlock several scenes and bonus rounds. This is actually what interests people – the game’s storyline. As The Reels Turn 1 is definitely a slot game worth a try.