Play As The Reels Turn 2 Slot Machine Free Online

As the Reel Turns 2: The Gamble is one of the most popular i-Slot games available at online casinos. As The Reels Turn 2 is the second installment to the As The Reels Turn i-Slots series which currently is a three part saga. It is one of the most unique slot games you can play and its storyline is followed religiously by players. The first installment basically featured a simple storyline involving the exploits of Matt G., owner of El Paradiso Casino. People keep on playing this game, not just for the money, but also to follow the storyline itself. You see, the story progresses as you play more.

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The game features high detail graphics and excellent quality sounds. The music played between cut scenes is very pleasing and inviting, and the bonus games provide a fun addition to an already entertaining slot game. Not only are there plenty of chances to win free spins, they provide three times the payout that regular spins provide, which can greatly increase your winnings.

As The Reels Turn 2: The Gamble is similar to its prequel, but there are differences between the two. Of course, story-wise, As The Reels Turn 2 picks up from where the first As The Reels Turns left off. Aside from that, the game features more symbols that represent different things now. Elvis impersonator, Tommy W., is now gone and has been replaced by Danny. His symbol now triggers the bonus round. Matt G., Chrissy and the Don have been replaced in the slots by Jamie, Vanessa and Rex. The letter, the lobster and the wine are still in place and so are the jackpot symbols of the chip stack and the El Paradiso logo.

The scatter symbols still apply in As The Reels Turn 2. These are applicable to Danny, Ivan, the bonus symbol and Advance to Next Scene, which triggers the next scene for the story. If you want to progress game-wise, you should take advantage of these symbols. The Advance to Next Scene will show you the next parts of the story, while the rest help you get better rewards.

Like the original game, the lowest bet is $0.01 with one coin and the highest bet is $1.00 with 5 coins. You may play a maximum of 15 lines at one go – the more lines you play, the better chances of winning. Of course, just like any casino game, you should learn to play within your means.

As The Reel Turns 2: The Gamble is one of the most fun and entertaining slots available on the market today. Participating in the soap opera like storyline brings a whole new level of enjoyment, making this series of i-slot games completely innovative and different then any other slot game on the market.