Play As The Reels Turn 3 Slot Machine Free Online

As The Reels Turn 3 is the third and latest instalment of the very popular As The Reel Turns trilogy. The series is a well-followed i-Slots game that revolves around the life and dealings of Matt G., the El Paradiso Casino owner. What makes this series stand out is the advancing storyline that progresses the more you play the game.

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The game itself features pleasing graphics and very appealing sound effects. The beginning of the game gives well detailed instructions as to what is going on and also provides the option to participate in the other games of the series just in case you would like to follow the story from the beginning. The different scenes throughout the game are fun and entertaining, which also help progress the story along its course. Before each cut scene, players are given a chance to put input into the story via specially tailored bonus games. The bonus games that are offered in between each cut scene provide players with a chance to win more bonus coins, which can be used while playing the game for more chances to increase your bankroll.

Since the first instalment, there have been many additions and changes. As The Reels Turn 3 presents the most changes to date. It is advisable to play the first two instalments of the series before playing this one, which will help you get a feel for what is going on within the game series, as well as catch you up on the advancing storyline.

In this third version of the series, the lobster, letter and wine have been eliminated. Instead, the old symbols of Matt G., Dona and Vanessa have returned, taking the place of the removed symbols. For the higher character symbols, there are Jamie, Danny and Mrs. Livingston. Since the Danny symbol has stepped down as a bonus trigger, Pampers, the dog, now replaces it. Ivan remains in place and is still a scatter free spin trigger. The Bonus symbols are now gone and the only other scatter symbol is the Advance to Next Scene symbol, which is one symbol people look forward to getting. The jackpot remains to be triggered by the El Paradiso and the chip stack symbols.

The game is now more difficult to play, as there are less rewards symbols. Pampers is also hard to pull out, so the bonus sequence is harder to get to. Of course, people are still lured in by the want to unearth the story progression. The minimum and maximum bet stays the same – $0.01 and $1.00, respectively. The maximum coin bet is still 5 and the maximum lines for play is still 15.

The As The Reels Turn series is one of the most successful i-Slots games found within the online casino market. People are not only intrigued by the game itself, but also by the developing storyline. This is the perfect i-Slots theme model: Enticing not only for play and reward, but also for the story that is slowly unfolding.