Play Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Free Online

People just love it when slot themes follow actual trends in life. And one very big trend today, for both gambling and other leisurely activities, is that the Baby Boomer generation is dominating the market. The Baby Boomers are, of course, the generation born a decade or less after the end of the Second World War. There are so many of them now and they are all slowly coming of age. And since they are now all fulfilled in life, they are starting to live the high life. A great slot game that pays tribute to the Baby Boomers is Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise.

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Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is an i-Slots game developed for the BetOnline Casino. It is a great slot game that has a vacationing Baby Boomers-theme. The game is fun as it is very simple to play. For one, there are no complicated story-lines to follow. This means there are no extra/unneeded symbols on the reels. Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is a very simple game fit for both the Baby Boomers and non-Baby Boomers.

Similar to other i-Slots games, the minimum bet for Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is $0.01. The maximum bet is $1.00. You can play a total of 15 lines. Playing all 15 lines ups both your chances of winning and your bet. If you want to raise your bet some more, you can increase the number of coins you wager. For this game, you can raise it to a maximum of five coins. Doing this, plus betting $1.00 on 15 lines, will give you the maximum bet possible. Winning the jackpot in this betting state will reward you with the maximum amount of return.

This game uses many symbols on the reel, all of which follows the theme of travel. The most rewarding symbols are the transportation vehicles: The train, the cruise ship, the bus and the plane. The regular reel symbols include baggage, digital camera, passport, maps and wayfarers. When three cruise ships appear on the reels, a small bonus game begins.

For getting three cruise ships at the Travel Agency, which is the first reel the player begins on, a spinning wheel is presented. The wheel contains spaces that represent different coin amounts that can be won, as well as 3 different destinations. Depending on which item is randomly spun, the player either obtains a fair amount of free credits and returns to the Travel Agency, or a new reel is presented with a new theme representing the destination on the wheel.

One such destination is the Caribbean. On this reel all of the symbols change to be more ocean oriented. In addition to the Caribbean, players also have a chance to visit the Arctic and Greece, all with their own unique symbols, sounds and music.

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is definitely an i-Slots game worth trying – this is regardless if you’re from the Baby Boomer generation or not.