Play Best Of Luck Free Online

If you’re looking for another way to spend your casino coins in a more exciting game set-up, or if you want to play another kind of game that’s more interactive, has a storyline and is interesting and is worth your playing time and effort, then you should definitely try I-Slot’s Best of Luck game.

I-slot is short for Irish-Slot games. I-slots are made for players who wish to have interactive gaming that contains engaging storylines, movies, side games and intense skill levels. This is a refreshing take on a common and traditional casino game as this is geared towards the youthful side of casino visitors and players.

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The Best of Luck is a 5-reel and 20 pay line i-slot game. This slot has a total of 10 lucky symbols available for play. The jade ring and jade elephant require two on a pay line to be awarded, with the remaining 8 lucky symbols requiring a minimum of 3 to be rewarded with a winning combination.

The wild icon of Best of Luck is a cat. Like all other wild symbols, the Cat can be used as a substitute to create a winning combination for other icons. This though cannot replace a scatter icon or a bonus icon.

A bag of gems signifies the scatter symbol. The bag of gems needs to be present in a play table 3 or more times in order for it to work. The presence of the said icon will result to a number of free spins, all depending on the number of bag of gems you have on your play table.

It is only during the free spins that bonus rounds become available so make sure that you acquire much free spins as possible to create higher chances of being in the bonus round as often as you possibly can. Whenever three of the same icons appear on your play table, a small screen containing a bonus round will appear for you to play in. This could happen many times over so keep playing. Just like every other casino game, you have to keep trying to keep your chances of winning.

The mini bonus games is where the big money is to be made in the Best of Luck slot game. Whenever you are involved in free bonus spins, and three of the same symbol appears, a game that corresponds with the symbol starts. One such mini game is acquired when 3 four leaf clovers appear. The bonus game requires you to select one of the four leaves, and then the leaves will spin and one will be randomly chosen. If it is the one you have chosen, you get a substantial amount of coins.

All of the mini bonus games are played similar to the four leaf clover, usually by chosing an option while the win is randomly generated. The mini games themselves are rather simple and boring in comparison to many of the other video slots on the market. Even with this drawback, the payouts for winning at the bonus games can far exceed just about any other slot machine on the Internet.