Blackjack Strategy Review

Plenty of blackjack players like to embrace the game and will put whatever happens with their hand down to luck. This can be a good way to approach playing blackjack and as long as you have good limits about how much money you will bet, you can stay on top of the game. However, blackjack is not a game purely based on luck. Yes, there is an element of luck in what cards turn up in the course of a game but good blackjack players will be prepared for all manner of eventualities and this is where having a good blackjack strategy can bring benefits.

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There are a number of different blackjack strategies to choose from. It should be noted that there is no blackjack strategy that is 100% successful but many players believe that certain strategies provide them with a greater likelihood of success. If a strategy can help a blackjack player to overcome the house odds and win a lot more than they lose, then they would be mad not to implement it. Read our overview of the basic blackjack strategy for more information on how to win at Blackjack.

Best Blackjack Strategies

Before learning some of the more advanced blackjack strategies, make sure you know How To Play Blackjack; knowing the rules is key to understanding the following strategies.

Blackjack Card Counting

One of the more popular and controversial strategies is card counting; live casinos are always on the look out for card counters looking to take advantage of the house. Online casinos typically shuffle the deck after each hand so card counting has no effect; but practicing card counting by playing blackjack online is a good strategy if you plan on playing at a live casino soon. For more information on card counting, read our Card Counting Basics page.

One of the more advanced card counting systems is the Aces And Fives Card Counting Strategy. We encourage you to try this system out after learning the card counting basics and put your knowledge to the test.

Martingale blackjack strategy

The Martingale strategy is one of the most famous blackjack strategies and like so many blackjack strategies, it works in theory. This strategy requires players to bet 1 unit on a hand. When a bet is successful, the player returns to play again betting 1 unit. However, if the best is unsuccessful, the player then doubles the amount of money they bet with. The process of doubling each bet after losing should continue until a bet is won and then the betting amount returns to 1 unit.

By continually doubling the betting amount, each win will provide a profit for the player. The problem comes when a player has a run of bad luck and eventually cannot afford to double their betting amount. If this occurs, the player will have made a large loss and happens more often than you think. Each win will only make a minimal profit for a player so there would be a need to play for a very long time to make any notable amount of money. Also, if the table has a limit on how much can be bet on an individual game of blackjack, a losing streak could see you unable to place a bet of the required size.

In theory, the Martingale blackjack strategy works but in reality, players need an awful lot of money and time to make it worthwhile.

D’Alembert blackjack strategy

The d’Alembert blackjack strategy is classed as a negative progression system. This means that when you lose a hand, you raise the betting amount by one unit and when you win a hand, you lower the betting amount by one unit.

The theory behind the d’Alembert system is that you don’t go chasing losses, which is one of the biggest problems for many blackjack players. This system provides players with an opportunity to get money back in the long-term with the opinion that over the longer term, the results of wins and losses will be 50/50.

This blackjack strategy is a really simple one but even a minor run of losses can see you losing a lot of money. Again, the need to have a sizable bankroll, patience and a table willing to allow you to place high bets are required for this bet to be a success.

Solid blackjack betting strategies are key to turning the edge in your favor. While playing blackjack online you wont be able to do any card counting, you can practice your live blackjack strategy so you can perhaps turn a profit at your next visit to the casino.