Play Cosmic Quest 1 – Mission Control Free Online

Are you looking for a Star Wars-like or Star Trek-like slot game? If your answer to that question is >yes, then you might want check out the Slotocash Online Casino. Why? The reason behind that instruction is the existence of Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control. Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control is the classic space-themed slots game.

It is the first installment in the Cosmic Quest series presented by Slotocash Casino. Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control isn’t exactly like Star Wars or Star Trek. But anyone who appreciates space exploration will love this game. It is one of the best space-themed online slot games today.

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Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control, as mentioned above, is an i-Slots game made for Slotocash Online Casino. It is the first installment in the series and is a very popular game amongst Slotocash players. It is artfully made, with majority of the artwork done in 3D. The theme music is also synchronized with the theme. The mood of the game is set perfectly with these.

As with most i-Slots games in Slotocash Casino, the minimum bet per spin is $0.01. That is possible if one would bet only on one line and one coin per spin. The maximum bet, however, is $50.00 per spin, which becomes possible by betting ten $0.25 coins and playing all 20 lines playable. This would maximize your chances of winning big; of course, this puts your bank at a greater risk.

The symbols used in the reel are very creative indeed. As already mentioned, the symbols are designed both in 2D and 3D; all of them are space-themed. The regular reel symbols include the space dog, the space station, the laser gun and the satellite. There are also special symbols, which include the space monkey, which triggers free spins, the pink female pilot, which triggers the bonus stage, and the WILO rocket, the symbol that rewards you with up to 5000 points.

When 3 pink female pilots appear on screen, the bonus game mini game is initiated. The object is simple; navigate a spaceship through an asteroid belt without running into any of the asteroids, while trying to shoot and destroy as many as possible. For each asteroid the player destroys, coins are collected and added to your bank. Completing the mini bonus game itself also awards the player an additional amount of bonus coins. Each time the bonus game is played, the difficulty increases while the bonus coin amounts start to decrease.

The arrow keys are used to maneuver the bonus game’s spacecraft around the screen, while the spacebar fires the ships gun. The animations are eye appealing, especially the animations of the asteroids exploding. One thing that is a little disappointing is the sluggishness of the spaceship’s controls and graphics. Compared to the smoothness of the slot game itself, the bonus game’s gameplay is somewhat slow and glitchy. Nonetheless, the bonus game is still quite fun and entertaining to play.

Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control is really a great game to play. It’s simple, easy to play and very rewarding. The 3D graphics and engaging sounds provide players with a fun and entertaining gaming experience, with a great science fiction twist.