Craps Betting Tips

We have listed several of Craps Betting Tips to help you make the most of your bets at any craps table. To learn more about how to play craps online check out our article. We also have a free play version available on the site too.

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Betting the Pass or Don’t Pass Line

The most common bet made at a craps table is made on the pass line. That means that you are betting that the number that the table is shooting for will be rolled before a seven is rolled. The opposite of that bet is a no-pass-line bet. That means that you are betting that the 7, one of the two most commonly rolled numbers on the craps table, will be rolled before the number that the table is betting on is rolled. Betting on the pass line gives the casino a 1.4% advantage over the player.

Betting on the do not pass line reduces the houses edge to 1.36%. It’s not the most popular bet, and cheering when you win by betting against all the other players is generally frowned upon.

However, the single bet that has better odds than the Pass Line is actually the Don’t Pass Line. By betting against the shooter, you get a lower house edge. Maybe you don’t like betting against the shooter and most of the other bettors in a live setting, but at an online casino, it is always the better bet.

Betting the Field

Play Now at Lucky Red CasinoPeople like betting on the field, the reason that this is a popular bet is because it pays when a bunch of different numbers are rolled, so it looks like a good bet. Keep this in mind: anything in the middle of the table, including the field bet is considered a sucker bet. It’s a sucker bet at the craps table primarily because it is a 1 roll bet.

Players can bet the pass/no-pass line, bet on all of the numbers at the top of the table which is called making a ‘come bet’ because you’re betting that a particular number will be rolled before a 7 is rolled, or bet that those same numbers will not come. All of those bets remain live until a 7 is rolled. If you bet that six will come and six does indeed come, then you win and your bet still stands. If you bet that it will come and it does not, the house keeps the money.

Betting the Hardways

Players can also bet on ‘the hard ways’ which includes 22, 33, 44, and 55 these bets remain live until seven comes, or until a number is rolled, ‘the easy way.’ What your betting is that the player will roll doubles, before rolling the number without rolling doubles. For instance, if the shooter rolls double 2’s, known as rolling the hard 4 (because 2+2 is 4), this bet would win, and remain live. If the player rolled a 3 and a 1 then the bet loses, or a 7 the bet loses.

Never bet Big 6/Big 8

There are some bets called sucker bets that players can actually profit by making. My own favorite are the hard way bets above, which I cover with my line bets. The payoff for betting the Big 6 or the Big 8 is even money, so 1:1 (even money). This idiot bet was literally invented so that husbands and wives that did not know what they were doing could easily learn the game without losing money.

However, if they’d simply thrown their money to the dealer, and bet the Come Bet on 6 and 8, they’d be paid 7:6. So if you bet $10 on the Big 6, and a 6 is rolled, the player wins $10 and their $10 bet back. If they’d bet on the come line, they’d have won $11.66, and their $10 back. Usually however, just so we’re clear, people bet the 6 and 8 on the come line in increments of 6, and the rest of the come line numbers in increments of 5.

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