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The video poker game All American Poker is based upon the game Jacks or Better. The gameplay is almost identical to five card draw. All American Poker is geared towards small stakes player. The credit value is $0.05 and up to five credits can be wagered each hand.

The rules of play are quite simple. The player will first choose the number of credits he or she wishes to wager. This will determine the payout multiplier for the hand. Then the player is dealt five cards. He or she now has the option of selecting which cards to hold for their poker hand. The remainder are discarded and replaced with new cards from the top of the deck. This completes the players poker hand and the game refers to the payout chart to calculate your winnings. Any traditional poker hand will payout with the exception of a single pair. In order to obtain payout for a pair it must be a pair of face cards, hence the name Jacks or Better”

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All American Poker also offers a bonus game. This bonus game can be optionally played after every winning hand for a chance to further your winnings. With this come a catch. The bonus game is “double or nothing”. If you win, the pot is doubled, but losing wipes out the pot completely.

Here is how the bonus game in All American Poker works. It is based upon the popular childhood card game called “war”. The dealer will first raw a card and show it to you face up. After that four cards will be placed down in front of the player. The player then chooses one of these four cards to flip over. If that card is higher than the dealers card, the player wins! If the player successfully wins at the bonus game, he is given the option of playing the bonus game again to double the pot even further. As long as the player continues to win the bonus game, he or she can continue playing the bonus game to keep doubling the pot’s profits. Just remember that every bonus game played is “double or nothing”. Losing any of them, no matter how many the player has won, will still reduce the pot’s total to zero.

All American Poker is an excellent choice of video poker for beginners and veterans alike who are interested in a small stakes video poker game. A carefully executed strategy, mixed with the bonus game, can easily put players on their way to moving up to higher stakes game play, and potentially higher profits.