Free Double Double Bonus Poker

The game Double Double Bonus Poker is a variation of the poker game Jacks or Better. The game is played very similar to traditional poker where the player is dealt a series of five cards. The player then has the option to hold onto however many cards he or she wishes to keep, then discards the remainder of the hand.

The discarded cards are replaced from the top of the deck, rebuilding the players hand back to five cards. These five cards predict the results of the hand, and the potential payout. The poker hands the player attempts to make are the same format as other poker game, with flushes, straights, full houses, etc. The difference comes down to pairs. Only the four face cards (jack, queen, king and ace), will be counted as pairs, though any card win you a three of a kind.

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Double Double Bonus Poker credit’s cost $0.25. Up to five credits can be spent on each hand.

What sets Double Double Bonus Poker aside from other Jacks or Better games? Double Double Bonus Poker has an optional bonus game that can be played, if the player chooses, after every winning hand. This bonus game gives the player the opportunity to “double or nothing”. By winning the bonus game, the player will double his payout for the hand, and will be given the choice of playing the bonus game again to double up again. In fact, as long as you keep winning at the bonus game, you can keep doubling your hand profits! However, by losing a bonus game you will get “nothing” in return. The payout for your hand will be zero.

The Bonus game itself is played a lot like the game “war.” The dealer will draw a card face up, and then put four cards face down in front of the player. The player gets to then choose one card from the four that are face down. If this card is equal to or greater than the dealers card, the player wins the bonus game.

Double Double Bonus Poker is an excellent choice for individuals looking for faster returns. With the bonus game option, a player could take his pair of jacks, which he or she would usually break even on, and potentially turn a small (or large depending on luck) profit. Using the bonus option, along with a solid playing strategy and a small amount of dedication, players can expect to see a fair amount of fun derived from playing Double Double Bonus Poker.