Mac Casino Sites in the US

Mac Casino Sites in the USFor years one of the most frustrating things about owning a Mac OS or MacBook is that many programs simply were not compatible with the machines. As they run a totally different operating system compared to most Windows based PC’s, it meant that many online casinos simply overlooked the Mac as it was such a niche market.

The continued success of Mac products has almost forced the hand of online casinos to provide a product for these types of users. As it stands many of the larger casino brands now offer specialist Mac download options for their users.

PC – Mac Compatibility

One of the easiest and most common ways around providing for Mac users is simply to provide browser based online casinos. This means that the operating software used to run these types of casinos is almost redundant as they can be run directly from the browser. So whether you are running Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or some other browser variation, then each will be able to run the client.

Adobe Flash CasinosThe problems arise when making specialist download products specifically for the Mac. Casinos which only have a download function and no instant browser play option means that for a Mac user to play on said casino, they will need to be able to download it to their operating system. As the majority of products don’t cross over between say Windows and iOS based platforms, this becomes a problem.

The global expansion of Mac products has been unprecedented over the last 10 years or so. Throughout their full range of computers, tablets, smartphones and music players, they have managed to sell a staggering amount of products. As they continue to do so well Mac based casino products are likely to continue to rise and the availability of these will also continue to be apparent.

Mobile Integration

VMWare PC EmulatorMobile integration into Mac – or Apple- based smartphone and tablet devices causes another major headache for US based casino operators. Whilst they can simply build a browser based product for their PC and laptop users, mobile users will not be able to access these due to the limited availability of flash on their devices.

The only way to overcome this is build a unique standalone casino app. This obviously costs more money for the casino rooms and whilst at the minute these are very limited for US players, as the market grows this should pick up.

Future of Mac Casino products for US based players

The US casino market is just starting to turn a corner with more sites starting to re-accept US based players again. This means integration into the Mac world will be slow for many as they continue to find their feet. But it’s definitely a market which is very lucrative, and casino owners will be keen to tap back into that market.

The future almost certainly lies in the tablet and smartphone markets with the iPad and iPhone being the targets here. These are the future of online gambling as a whole, and with these two products being the most popular in each respected market, you will likely see a lot more casinos offering their services on each product.

Best Mac Casino Site for US Players

Play Now at Bovada CasinoAs you will have likely picked up from this article so far, Mac options are relatively slim picking for US based casino punters; but there are options out there. The best comes in the form of the Bovada casino. Whilst it does not have a dedicated Mac download version – yet- it’s one of very few to offer a browser based version of its casino client.

New Mac users can enjoy up to $500 from their first deposit. The bonus is an exact match of 100% ranging from $50 to $500. It’s worth noting that Bovada has one of the biggest ranges of casino games in the industry and is also one of the most reputable companies out there.