Best Mobile Blackjack for US Players

Should you be a US based Blackjack player then you may be interested to learn there is a now a mobile casino gaming platform than allows you to be able to play this casino card game on the move via any cell phone or mobile device.

Best Mobile Blackjack Casinos

We have listed the Best Blackjack Casinos with the best bonuses and rewards for blackjack players on their mobile phone:

RankCasinoVisitReviewMore Information
1Play at Bovada Casino NowBovada CasinoReviewBest Cashier for US Residents
2Play at Slotland Casino Now Slotland CasinoReviewDeposit Bonus Up to $1000
3Play at WinPalace Casino Now WinPalace Casino ReviewSupports iPhone and iPad Only

This new US player friendly mobile gaming platform has been designed and developed by one of the leading lights in the online gambling world. Being an experienced provider of casino games and the software platforms they run on, you are guaranteed to get an excellent mobile gaming playing experience.

The Blackjack recently launched on this mobile platform is known as American Blackjack game and it comes with fully adjustable stake options to suit every player’s budget and some very liberal rules.

Mobile American Blackjack Game

This new mobile American Blackjack game uses six full decks of playing cards, and just like their online casino Blackjack game variants all of these decks are fully shuffled at the end of each game and before a new game is set into play.

There is no major differences regarding how you play American Blackjack comparing it to other Blackjack games and your aim is simply to beat the Dealers hand without going over a score of 21. You can place a wager as low as just $1.00 on each hand you play and the maximum current permitted stake per hand is a high rolling $100.00 per hand.

You will of course be able to try the American Blackjack game on your cell phone completely free of charge. American Blackjack uses the same playing rules as the Las Vegas Strip rules and if you are unfamiliar with these allow us to guide you through them.

You are allowed to split a hand only once, however when you have split a hand then you can double down on both or either hand. When you have been dealt an initial two card hand worth ten or eleven in value then you can double down that hand.

Insurance Wager

You will be offered the Insurance wager option whenever the Dealer’s up facing card is an Ace, and if you opt to take this side bet wager then you are required to place a bet of exactly half the amount of your initial starting base game stake on this bet.

Should the Dealer’s down facing card when revealed by a ten value card then he will have Blackjack, and if you have taken the Insurance wager then your Insurance wager is a winning one and you are paid out at odds of 2 to 1 on your side bet wagered amount.


If your hand beats the Dealer’s hand without going over a total of 21 then you are rewarded with a payout of even money so if you have placed a $100 wager and beat the Dealer’s hand then you will receive $200 back.

However if you have an unmatched Blackjack hand, that being a Ten valued card along with any Ace then you will get a winning payout for this hand at odds of 3 to 2 and as such if you have wagered $100 on that hand then you will receive a winning payout of $250 in total.

There is no Surrender options offered when playing the American mobile Blackjack and the Dealer is going to check for a Blackjack or Peek as it is known when he is holding an Ace as his up facing card.

Play Mobile Blackjack on your Cell Phone

Should you wish to play this American Blackjack game on your cell phone or on any mobile device then please feel free to checkout any of our featured mobile casino sites, each one of them will offer you a new player welcome bonus which should hopefully enable you to start playing with a hugely increased starting balance.