Play Double Joker Video Poker Free Online

Double Joker is a great video poker game for both new players and seasoned veterans alike. The gameplay is relatively close to the classic poker game 5 Card Draw. The game begins with 5 card being dealt to the player face up. The player then selects which cards to keep for the final hand, then the rest are discarded and replaced with new cards from the deck. This is the final poker hand for the player, and the game will decide what the payout is according to the table.

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What makes this game differ from other video poker games is the inclusion of 2 Joker cards in the deck. These cards act as wild cards and can be used as any other card within the deck. In fact, holding at least one joker in your hand is the only way to get a payout for 5 of a kind. Players need to take note that payouts for the Double Joker video poker game are slightly different then other video poker games. A winning hand must consist of at least 2 pair or higher in order to receive any return.

There are 5 different tiers for payouts in the game, which corresponds to the number of coins the player is willing to wager. Each tier offers a higher winning payout, but requires the player to wager up to 5 times as much. The minimum that can be wagered per hand is $.05 and the maximum amount the player can wager is $10.

There is also the option of wagering on multiple hands, by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the game labeled “# Hands.” The maximum number of hands that can be played is 5, and the wager is increased for each hand played. The player is then dealt a hand of 5 cards face up, and then gets to choose which cards to hold. These cards will then be the basis for all the hands and new cards will be dealt to each individual hand to fill in the remainders. This gives the player up to 5 different chances for payout using the cards held from the initial hand, and each winning hand pays out per usual.

In addition to the ability to wager multiple hands, the game also features a “Double or Nothing” option for each round the player receives a payout. By pressing the button at the bottom labeled “Double” after a payout has been determined, the player can attempt to double his profits. When this option is chosen, 5 cards are dealt with one card face up for the dealer. The player then gets to choose one card from the remaining 4 which he or she thinks will beat the dealers card. If successful, the player doubles his payout, but if the chosen card is equal to or lower then the dealers, he forfeits his entire payout for the round and receives nothing.

The game itself has a return percentage of 98.1%, which is a relatively high return rate for video poker games. When used with a proper strategy, Double Joker can provide some significant increases to your existing bankroll, as long as the player is patient and diligent.