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Best Craps Casinos For US Players

Online casino Craps is an adaptation of a popular dice game, which is offered in most land-based gambling establishments. Unlike in live Craps where you take turns with other players rolling the dice against the bank, online Craps is a solitary game which is played exclusively between you and the casino.

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Consequently, certain activities like picking the dice will be automated and you’ll always assume the role of the shooter, or the person who rolls the dice. This means that you’ll always have to bet on either the Pass or Don’t Pass Line.

Each round is split into two phases, which are called come-out and point. In order to begin a round, you have to make one or more come-out rolls. If you roll 2, 3 or 12, the result is called Craps. In that case, you lose if you opted to bet on the Pass Line.

A result of 7 and 11 is called a natural and means that the Pass Line wager wins. The remaining results are called point numbers and require you to keep rolling until you hit your point again and pass, or you hit 7 and lose. If you manage to pass, the button will be flipped to the On side and moved to another point number that you’ll have to hit. If you manage to roll that value again before hitting a 7, the game is over and the Pass Line wins. Quite obviously, whenever the Pass Line wins, the Don’t Pass Line loses and vice versa.

The only exception is a roll of 12 on the come-out, which results in the Pass Line bets losing and Don’t Pass bets being pushed. Keep in mind that the Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line bets are the most basic wagers you can place – most Craps variants also allow you to place proposition bets, which come with higher risks and higher rewards.

In the following section of this article, you’ll find a list of the best US-facing casinos that allow you to clear their lucrative bonuses by playing Craps. The sites were carefully selected based on the value of the promotions, game selection and banking methods offered.

Grand Parker Casino: Best Craps Casinos for US Players

Play Now at Grand Parker CasinoGrand Parker is one of the best online casinos available to US players at the moment, mostly due to a huge library of games which includes 128 slots, 12 video poker variants and 16 old-school table games – including Craps.

Despite the fact that this exclusive bonus isn’t listed on the website, the Grand Parker Casino offers a special $1,000 Craps bonus, which is a 100% match on any of your payments. This bonus can be claimed up to five times by using the Craps100 coupon code and has a play-through of 60x the promotional money + your payment combined.

Grand Parker offers numerous deposit methods, which include Visa, MasterCard, EcoCard, Click2Pay and ClickandBuy. If you decide to deposit using Visa or MasterCard, please make sure that your card has been cleared for international transactions, as the domestic-only cards simply will not work.

While all payments are processed instantly, you have to keep in mind that cash outs are usually handled with a bank wire transfer and may take up to ten business days. The minimum amount of money you can withdraw is $100, while the maximum is $3,000 – if a cash-out request exceeds $3,000, you’ll be paid in $3,000 increments.

Grand Parker Casino Homepage Grand Parker Casino Table Games Grand Parker Casino Promotions

AC Casino: Best Craps Casinos for US Players

Play Now at AC CasinoAC Casino may not be the biggest online casino available to American players, but their selection of games is fairly impressive and all the bonuses are redeemable an unlimited number of times.

Contrary to information posted on the official website, AC Casino offers a 200% Cash Bonus, which can be cleared by playing Craps. This bonus can be claimed on deposits ranging from $25 to $500 and has an 80x wagering requirement. Keep in mind that while you can complete the play-through by playing any of the available games, placing no-risk bets such as Pass and Don’t Pass in a single game is prohibited.

When it comes to banking, AC Casino allows you to deposit via a credit card, Entropay or a Western Union/Moneygram money transfers. The minimum amount you can deposit with Visa, MasterCard and Entropay is $25, while the maximum is $1,000. If you decide to fund your casino account via a money transfer, you’ll have to deposit at least $50; the maximum size of your payment will not be restricted in this case.

All payments are processed instantly and the casino will cover your fees, however withdrawals may take up to three weeks to process and the fee will depend on the cash out method you select.

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High Noon Casino: Best Craps Casinos for US Players

Play Now at High Noon CasinoHigh Noon Casino may be new to the online casino market, but the amount and quality of available games allows it to stand its ground against industry giants. If you decide to play on High Noon Casino, you’ll get a chance to play numerous progressives, slots, table games, video poker variants and specialty games, which include Roulette, Sic Bo, Keno and, obviously, Craps.

The casino offers two exclusive Welcome Bonuses, a $2,000 Slots Bonus and a $500 Other Games Bonus, which is a 100% match on your payment and which can be cleared by playing Craps. Keep in mind that this promotion has a 50x play through, which means that you’ll have to wager 50 times the amount you deposited and received for free combined before you’ll be able to make a withdrawal.

The available deposit methods are Visa, MasterCard, EcoPay, Click2Pay, Instadebit and MyPaylinQ. The maximum amount you can deposit is $1,000, while the minimum is either $20 or $21 – depending on the payment method you choose.

All deposits are processed instantly, but withdrawals might take up to ten business days, as the traditional bank wire transfer is the preferred method here. What’s more, High Noon Casino has a $4,000 cash out limit, which means that if you request a larger payout, you’ll be paid in $4,000 weekly installments.

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Craps Betting Tips

We have listed several of Craps Betting Tips to help you make the most of your bets at any craps table. To learn more about how to play craps online check out our article. We also have a free play version available on the site too.

Best Casinos that offer Craps Online

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2Drake CasinoReview$5000 Deposit Bonus
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3Club World CasinoReview100% up to $150 Other Games Bonus
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Betting the Pass or Don’t Pass Line

The most common bet made at a craps table is made on the pass line. That means that you are betting that the number that the table is shooting for will be rolled before a seven is rolled. The opposite of that bet is a no-pass-line bet. That means that you are betting that the 7, one of the two most commonly rolled numbers on the craps table, will be rolled before the number that the table is betting on is rolled. Betting on the pass line gives the casino a 1.4% advantage over the player.

Betting on the do not pass line reduces the houses edge to 1.36%. It’s not the most popular bet, and cheering when you win by betting against all the other players is generally frowned upon.

However, the single bet that has better odds than the Pass Line is actually the Don’t Pass Line. By betting against the shooter, you get a lower house edge. Maybe you don’t like betting against the shooter and most of the other bettors in a live setting, but at an online casino, it is always the better bet.

Betting the Field

Play Now at Lucky Red CasinoPeople like betting on the field, the reason that this is a popular bet is because it pays when a bunch of different numbers are rolled, so it looks like a good bet. Keep this in mind: anything in the middle of the table, including the field bet is considered a sucker bet. It’s a sucker bet at the craps table primarily because it is a 1 roll bet.

Players can bet the pass/no-pass line, bet on all of the numbers at the top of the table which is called making a ‘come bet’ because you’re betting that a particular number will be rolled before a 7 is rolled, or bet that those same numbers will not come. All of those bets remain live until a 7 is rolled. If you bet that six will come and six does indeed come, then you win and your bet still stands. If you bet that it will come and it does not, the house keeps the money.

Betting the Hardways

Players can also bet on ‘the hard ways’ which includes 22, 33, 44, and 55 these bets remain live until seven comes, or until a number is rolled, ‘the easy way.’ What your betting is that the player will roll doubles, before rolling the number without rolling doubles. For instance, if the shooter rolls double 2’s, known as rolling the hard 4 (because 2+2 is 4), this bet would win, and remain live. If the player rolled a 3 and a 1 then the bet loses, or a 7 the bet loses.

Never bet Big 6/Big 8

There are some bets called sucker bets that players can actually profit by making. My own favorite are the hard way bets above, which I cover with my line bets. The payoff for betting the Big 6 or the Big 8 is even money, so 1:1 (even money). This idiot bet was literally invented so that husbands and wives that did not know what they were doing could easily learn the game without losing money.

However, if they’d simply thrown their money to the dealer, and bet the Come Bet on 6 and 8, they’d be paid 7:6. So if you bet $10 on the Big 6, and a 6 is rolled, the player wins $10 and their $10 bet back. If they’d bet on the come line, they’d have won $11.66, and their $10 back. Usually however, just so we’re clear, people bet the 6 and 8 on the come line in increments of 6, and the rest of the come line numbers in increments of 5.

Ready to give it a go? Play Free Craps Online now.

How To Play Craps Online

Craps is a one of the most popular table games found in any casino offline or online. The reason that it is so popular in land based casinos is that it is an action packed interactive game that is played with everyone at the table. On any weekend night, playing craps is a just like gambling in a bar with a group of friends, all of which are holding drinks.

Craps is game of chance that involves betting on the outcome of a toss of the dice. Wagers are based on predicting the outcome of the rolled dice.

Best Casinos that offer Craps Online

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1Casino TitanReview400% Deposit Bonus
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2Drake CasinoReview$5000 Deposit Bonus
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3Club World CasinoReview100% up to $150 Other Games Bonus
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History of Craps

Craps actually evolved from an old English game known as Hazard. Playing it goes back to the time of the Crusades and over time the game of Hazard was altered by French gamblers.

The game of Craps was first made popular by a man named Bernard Xavier Philippe de Marigny de Manderville, who was the child of a prosperous Louisiana landowner, gambler and politician. His version of the game of craps enabled players to take advantage of the casino with fixed dice. It permitted players to place their wagers with or against the person throwing the dice. John H. Winn, a dice maker, started “don’t pass” wagering, which eliminates the opportunity for the house to cheat. If you can bet on the number you bet on either coming, or not coming, then there is no advantage to the casino to make it less possible for numbers to come, or more possible for 7’s to roll.

Playing a Live Game of Craps

Play Now at Lucky Red CasinoCraps tables can feel a bit intimidating to players that have never played the game before. If you want in on a game simply walk up to the table, and tell the dealers, at any reputable casino, that you have never played before. None of the players will mind that you have not played. In fact they think that is lucky as long as you are willing to roll the dice. Players at a craps table usually believe it’s ‘lucky’ to have a virgin roller take the dice.

The dealers will not mind either, as long as you pay attention. A good dealer will even correct you when you make a bet that does not make sense. So for instance, if the dealer tells you to bet one more dollar on the pass line, or to put $10 behind your bet on the pass line, he is giving you solid advice. Dealers usually will not talk you into making bets that do not make sense as far as odds go. Those habits are generally learned from other players at the table, or from bored gamblers that specifically ask for a way to make a bet with terrible odds but a good payout.

Playing Craps without Looking like an Idiot

If you want to play a round of craps, and look as though you know what you are doing, there are a couple of ways to accomplish that. First, start by learning the game online. If you play craps online, while reading craps betting articles, you can teach yourself the best bets, and what they are called, as well as how to place them.

Ready to give it a go? Play Free Craps Online now.

Play Free Craps Online

Dice games are one of the most enjoyable games of all time. Rolling a pair of dice can give you great excitement, because nobody knows what the outcome will be. Craps is one of the oldest and most loved casino games that use a pair of dice, whose outcome is predicted and wagered by gamblers.

Online casinos have their own virtual version of this highly anticipated dice game and are great simulations of the traditional game. Online casino games tend to be nerve-racking for the first time because you can go against gamblers from other countries but in this craps game you are only playing with yourself. Making a winning prediction is not based on solely on pure luck – knowing and understanding strategies and becoming proficient with the rules can increase your chances of winning and make your every game exciting and worthwhile.

Starting your gambling career on the world of craps requires you to completely understand and implement the odds involved in this casino game. Probabilities that entail every roll or series of rolls of the dice can give you a good idea on how you can make your bets. There are several ways on how a dice is rolled and can result to one of the possible combinations that make up the outcome.

We have provided you the opportunity to play Free Craps Online below:

A gambler can choose from a number of different betting strategies. Pass line bet, the most basic bet, is wagered on the pass line itself on a resulting combination. If the rolls of the shooter result to a seven or eleven, you win. But if the roll results to two, three or twelve, you lose. After the shooter had established his point, you can make odd bets. Payouts are given to gamblers who get the correct odds. In this type of bet, there is no casino advantage and huge payouts are at stake. The come bet is a deferred pass line bet, which is wagered for a repeated point number of the shooter. If the next roll results to the point number, your bet is transferred at the box equivalent to the result. You can add another come bet and work with two bets at once. But, if the shooter rolls a seven, you lose both bets.

Craps has never failed to thrill online gamblers because of it spontaneity. Start playing this online casino game now and unveil the wonders it has to offer for gamblers like you!