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Fruit Frenzy Slot

Who doesn’t want a tropical getaway? If you are craving for a fruity fest but can’t get a vacation yet, then you may want to settle for a casino game instead. RTG offers practically everything when it comes to casino game themes and the summer island tropics is no exception. Of course, it has its own refreshing style for its popular casino slots game, known today as Fruit Frenzy.

Fruit Frenzy is one of the most famous online casino games that cater to female players practically because of its cool and refreshing atmosphere and graphics. And yes, this game is very easy to play.


Fruit Frenzy USA casino game is a form of video slots that carries the fruits theme. In terms of graphic design, it scores high points as its backdrop and characters are very animated, and it is likewise accompanied by flimsy music from beginning to end. The musical styles applied in this game are somewhat inspired by Caribbean tunes, thus you won’t help but feel the groove for each and every spin.

Most of the symbols used in this game are fruits, and among those that will appear during play are pineapples, bananas, oranges, pears, plums, and strawberries, and watermelons. Other symbols include balloons, cars, Admit 1, and the Frenzy logo.

Game Play

Unlike its contemporaries, Fruit Frenzy casino slots is non-progressive, but it is composed of two jackpot prizes, one being 10,000 and the other 5,000. When it comes to game play, coin denominations range between 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 5, while the wagering limits are between 0.01 and 125.

The game also makes use of wild and scatter functions, thus adding more excitement during the playoffs. The pineapple symbols functions as the wild, while the fruit and frenzy logos represent the scatter function. The scatter symbols provide additional prizes and at the same time activate the Fruit Frenzy bonus round.

In the bonus round, players get to play the Daredevil feature and increase their chances of winning more money.

And since the Fruit Frenzy RTG casino is a multiline slot game, it supports the bet per pay-line feature. In this feature, players are able to choose which pay lines to bet on and the amount of wager per spin.

Other Features

Among the most prominent features of this game is the appearance of the Wild and Scatter symbols. The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols on the reels so that players could create winning combinations, while the scatter symbols open doors to bonus rounds, depending on how many of them appear on the reels.


Fruit Frenzy RTG casino game is quite a regular online slots game when it comes to method and technique, but it stands out when it comes to payouts and prizes. Players are able to enjoy the game because of its pretty much basic rules but equally exciting spins. While it is a non-progressive slots game, it offers a hefty jackpot prize most players watch out for.

Like many other RTG games, Fruit Frenzy follows responsible gaming practices, and players are protected from unknown deductions from their funds. Deposits and withdrawals from this game can likewise be made via online payment processors, credit cards and wire transfer.

Play Eggstravaganza Slots Free Online

Want to play those classic slot machines online with a different twist? If you have answered this question on the positive note, then you belong to thousands of individuals wanting the same. Lucky for you since there is now the game called Eggstravaganza, a newly developed classic slot game now available to be played via the Internet.

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When playing this game, you will notice numerous buttons in the bottom part of the game screen, namely the plus button, the minus button, the select coins button, the bet max button, the auto button and the spin button. The plus button allows you to bet more coins whilst the minus button allows you to lessen the number of coins that you have placed as your bet.

The bet max button allows you to bet the maximum allowed number of coins for the game. The auto button allows you the option of letting the system automatically do the betting for you. The system will constantly place bets for your every turn, without any need for you to painstakingly click the spin button over and over again. You can sit back and relax while the system earns you money or cash. You can only avail of this auto button by placing real money on the line. You can use your credit card in order to engage in this option. You also find the combinations on the left part of the screen that you need to get in order for you to gain money.

There are icons that you need to get in order to get free spins. If you get the bunny icon, you get 5x free spins. If you get two bunny icons, then you get 10x free spins. If you get the egg icon, you will be able to earn the largest amount possible that may range from 750 coins, 1500 coins or 2250 coins depending on the column for the prices you have chosen before you have spun the slot machine. One thing that makes Eggsravaganza a great online slot game, is when you are playing your free spins, any dollar amount earned is triple the value. This is where you can get the potential to significantly increase your bank.

Aside from the free spins and different symbols, this game doesn’t differ much from most other 3 reel slot games. The graphics and overall appearance is quite colorful, and the game sounds are pretty funny and entertaining. There is also a set of cute little ducks that periodically waddle across the screen.

All of these features and user friendliness necessarily dictates that this game receives a highly positive review, besting other casino based table games also available on the Internet today. The addition of obtaining free bonus spins is a good reason for choosing this title over other 3 reel sot games.

Play Big Cash Win Free Online

The game Big Cash Win is powered up by the RIVAL platform. It is a classic slot game machine that can be found in numerous online casino service providers found in the World Wide Web today. If you are looking for the right slot machine game to suit your tastes, needs and preferences then this is probably one of the best choices that you can avail of today.

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The game features an extensive sound system, allowing you to fully feel the game like you are playing at a real casino. Just the same as any other slot machine game, you need to place your bet by clicking the plus or minus button in order to increment or decrement the amount that you want to bet. Once you have selected the amount that you want to bet, you can now choose the multiplier that you want.

In order to select the multiplier, you can either click the select coins button or you can manually click the columns at the upper left corner of the game screen. This will determine the amount of multiplier that you will be rewarded with once you get the right combinations. There is also the auto bet button, which will continue to spin the reel over and over without any player interaction. Your investment with your credit card or debit card will allow you to play the game like you do in a real casino. You will be mesmerized with the fast paced playing of the game using this auto button since your money may grow in double or triple its current amount within the first 2 minutes up to 10 minutes of playing the game in automatic mode.

The game itself is very basic in comparison to most slot games found at online casinos. It doesn’t have any cheesy animated cut scenes, bonus spins or mini games. The thing that makes it such a popular slot game choice among many Internet casino players is the realistic feel it provides. The gameplay and symbols are identical to many slot machines found in live casinos worldwide. It is one of the closest slot games in comparison to real life casino games and this is why the game has so many avid players; it brings the live casino feel right into the players home.

This game deserves a positive review, taking into careful consideration all of its features and capabilities. It has been graded as one of the top ten most played games online. The best part here is that it can be played anywhere and anytime. All you need to have is a computer and an active Internet connection. You then need to install the software to your computer and then you can play it anytime you wish! It is as easy as downloading any kind of game!

Play Baby Boomers Cash Cruise Free Online

People just love it when slot themes follow actual trends in life. And one very big trend today, for both gambling and other leisurely activities, is that the Baby Boomer generation is dominating the market. The Baby Boomers are, of course, the generation born a decade or less after the end of the Second World War. There are so many of them now and they are all slowly coming of age. And since they are now all fulfilled in life, they are starting to live the high life. A great slot game that pays tribute to the Baby Boomers is Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise.

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Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is an i-Slots game developed for the BetOnline Casino. It is a great slot game that has a vacationing Baby Boomers-theme. The game is fun as it is very simple to play. For one, there are no complicated story-lines to follow. This means there are no extra/unneeded symbols on the reels. Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is a very simple game fit for both the Baby Boomers and non-Baby Boomers.

Similar to other i-Slots games, the minimum bet for Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is $0.01. The maximum bet is $1.00. You can play a total of 15 lines. Playing all 15 lines ups both your chances of winning and your bet. If you want to raise your bet some more, you can increase the number of coins you wager. For this game, you can raise it to a maximum of five coins. Doing this, plus betting $1.00 on 15 lines, will give you the maximum bet possible. Winning the jackpot in this betting state will reward you with the maximum amount of return.

This game uses many symbols on the reel, all of which follows the theme of travel. The most rewarding symbols are the transportation vehicles: The train, the cruise ship, the bus and the plane. The regular reel symbols include baggage, digital camera, passport, maps and wayfarers. When three cruise ships appear on the reels, a small bonus game begins.

For getting three cruise ships at the Travel Agency, which is the first reel the player begins on, a spinning wheel is presented. The wheel contains spaces that represent different coin amounts that can be won, as well as 3 different destinations. Depending on which item is randomly spun, the player either obtains a fair amount of free credits and returns to the Travel Agency, or a new reel is presented with a new theme representing the destination on the wheel.

One such destination is the Caribbean. On this reel all of the symbols change to be more ocean oriented. In addition to the Caribbean, players also have a chance to visit the Arctic and Greece, all with their own unique symbols, sounds and music.

Baby Boomers: Cash Cruise is definitely an i-Slots game worth trying – this is regardless if you’re from the Baby Boomer generation or not.

Play Best Of Luck Free Online

If you’re looking for another way to spend your casino coins in a more exciting game set-up, or if you want to play another kind of game that’s more interactive, has a storyline and is interesting and is worth your playing time and effort, then you should definitely try I-Slot’s Best of Luck game.

I-slot is short for Irish-Slot games. I-slots are made for players who wish to have interactive gaming that contains engaging storylines, movies, side games and intense skill levels. This is a refreshing take on a common and traditional casino game as this is geared towards the youthful side of casino visitors and players.

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The Best of Luck is a 5-reel and 20 pay line i-slot game. This slot has a total of 10 lucky symbols available for play. The jade ring and jade elephant require two on a pay line to be awarded, with the remaining 8 lucky symbols requiring a minimum of 3 to be rewarded with a winning combination.

The wild icon of Best of Luck is a cat. Like all other wild symbols, the Cat can be used as a substitute to create a winning combination for other icons. This though cannot replace a scatter icon or a bonus icon.

A bag of gems signifies the scatter symbol. The bag of gems needs to be present in a play table 3 or more times in order for it to work. The presence of the said icon will result to a number of free spins, all depending on the number of bag of gems you have on your play table.

It is only during the free spins that bonus rounds become available so make sure that you acquire much free spins as possible to create higher chances of being in the bonus round as often as you possibly can. Whenever three of the same icons appear on your play table, a small screen containing a bonus round will appear for you to play in. This could happen many times over so keep playing. Just like every other casino game, you have to keep trying to keep your chances of winning.

The mini bonus games is where the big money is to be made in the Best of Luck slot game. Whenever you are involved in free bonus spins, and three of the same symbol appears, a game that corresponds with the symbol starts. One such mini game is acquired when 3 four leaf clovers appear. The bonus game requires you to select one of the four leaves, and then the leaves will spin and one will be randomly chosen. If it is the one you have chosen, you get a substantial amount of coins.

All of the mini bonus games are played similar to the four leaf clover, usually by chosing an option while the win is randomly generated. The mini games themselves are rather simple and boring in comparison to many of the other video slots on the market. Even with this drawback, the payouts for winning at the bonus games can far exceed just about any other slot machine on the Internet.

Play Cosmic Quest 1 – Mission Control Free Online

Are you looking for a Star Wars-like or Star Trek-like slot game? If your answer to that question is >yes, then you might want check out the Slotocash Online Casino. Why? The reason behind that instruction is the existence of Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control. Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control is the classic space-themed slots game.

It is the first installment in the Cosmic Quest series presented by Slotocash Casino. Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control isn’t exactly like Star Wars or Star Trek. But anyone who appreciates space exploration will love this game. It is one of the best space-themed online slot games today.

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Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control, as mentioned above, is an i-Slots game made for Slotocash Online Casino. It is the first installment in the series and is a very popular game amongst Slotocash players. It is artfully made, with majority of the artwork done in 3D. The theme music is also synchronized with the theme. The mood of the game is set perfectly with these.

As with most i-Slots games in Slotocash Casino, the minimum bet per spin is $0.01. That is possible if one would bet only on one line and one coin per spin. The maximum bet, however, is $50.00 per spin, which becomes possible by betting ten $0.25 coins and playing all 20 lines playable. This would maximize your chances of winning big; of course, this puts your bank at a greater risk.

The symbols used in the reel are very creative indeed. As already mentioned, the symbols are designed both in 2D and 3D; all of them are space-themed. The regular reel symbols include the space dog, the space station, the laser gun and the satellite. There are also special symbols, which include the space monkey, which triggers free spins, the pink female pilot, which triggers the bonus stage, and the WILO rocket, the symbol that rewards you with up to 5000 points.

When 3 pink female pilots appear on screen, the bonus game mini game is initiated. The object is simple; navigate a spaceship through an asteroid belt without running into any of the asteroids, while trying to shoot and destroy as many as possible. For each asteroid the player destroys, coins are collected and added to your bank. Completing the mini bonus game itself also awards the player an additional amount of bonus coins. Each time the bonus game is played, the difficulty increases while the bonus coin amounts start to decrease.

The arrow keys are used to maneuver the bonus game’s spacecraft around the screen, while the spacebar fires the ships gun. The animations are eye appealing, especially the animations of the asteroids exploding. One thing that is a little disappointing is the sluggishness of the spaceship’s controls and graphics. Compared to the smoothness of the slot game itself, the bonus game’s gameplay is somewhat slow and glitchy. Nonetheless, the bonus game is still quite fun and entertaining to play.

Cosmic Quest 1: Mission Control is really a great game to play. It’s simple, easy to play and very rewarding. The 3D graphics and engaging sounds provide players with a fun and entertaining gaming experience, with a great science fiction twist.

Cosmic Quest 2 – Mystery Planets

Outer space is one of the most exciting slot themes being used. Not only do they tickle the minds of nerdy science aficionados, they also entice and interest people from all walks of life. After all, who’s not interested in space travel and adventures? And when it comes to online space-themed slot games, the best, by far, is the Cosmic Quest series. The Cosmic Quest series is a two-part space-themed slot series presented by the Slotocash Online Casino. The first release was a good slot game, but the second installment, Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets, takes the cake.

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Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is a simple yet fun slot game. Like its predecessor, most of the graphics used in the game (background, symbols) are 3D. Some graphics were still done in 2D, but it didn’t take away from the aesthetic. The background music being used in Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is very similar to the first Cosmic Quest game. All the same, the perfect mood is set for this game, thanks to the color palettes, the graphics and the music.

Even with all of the enhanced graphics and sound, the gameplay itself is quite smooth. There is also the option of skipping any of the animation sequences by pressing the bet button again. Watching the wild card rocket take off is fun to watch, but after the first few instances, it might seem like more of a time consuming nuisance.

Like most i-Slots games offered by Slotocash Casino, the minimum bet for Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets is $0.01. Similar to the previous installment, the maximum bet is $0.25. You can raise your bets by adding coins, which you can max out to 10. There are a total of 20 playable lines in the reel. You up your chances of winning with more lines, of course, that would entail a higher bet. You should bet at your own discretion; do not over bet but still take a little chance.

There are many symbols used in the reel for Cosmic Quest 2: Mystery Planets. The highest paying symbol is the Expanding WILD. Getting five Expanding Wild symbols in a row will get you up to 5000 points. The jackpot, on the other hand, is triggered by the Jetpack reel symbol. The rest of the reel is mostly robots, planets and satellites. Also, the Scatterstronaut triggers the fun bonus round; try this bonus game once and you’ll have difficulty quitting.

The bonus game is quite fun in itself. It involves flying a small spacecraft, using your computers arrow keys, through a ravine. Your goal is to avoid the walls and any objects in your path, with the end goal of landing your space craft at the spaceport at the end of the mission. The farther you make it along in the mission, the more bonus coins will be rewarded, with even more bonus coins for successful completion. The difficulty of the bonus round increases with each play.

Play Crazy Vegas Free Online

Vegas is the one place in the world where you can fully enjoy a casino experience. It’s not just about spinning the reels alone; the bright lights, beautiful girls and handsome men, luxurious hotels and action-packed scenes, they all add up to the thrill. But it’s not every day that you get to walk at the Vegas strip, right? So RTG has made it a point to give you a glimpse of Sin City right in front of your screen, with the Crazy Vegas USA Casino game.

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Want to keep playing the Crazy Vegas Slot For Free? Click Refresh.

This slots game covers just about everything you now about Vegas. With its dazzling scenery and interactive graphics and sound, you will definitely feel the casino ambiance without actually leaving your seat.

Why should you play the Crazy Vegas USA Casino game? There are many reasons. For one, it is a great alternative to live slots games in casinos because it offers you a better way to manage your wagers and win more prizes. You have better control of your earnings, and you have many options on how to invest your winnings. Through this game you become a more responsible gambler, unlike the many other players who end up losing cash in the slots within just one night of staying in real casinos.

This online slots game offers a truly realistic layout of Vegas casinos, thus you will immediately feel comfortable during your game session. It also has bright graphics and equally supportive background music that sets you in the mood to spin right away.

Like many other RTG games, Crazy Vegas consists of a 5-reel, 20-pay line slots, and all you have to do is get a winning combination of symbols in the active pay lines that you have wagered on. Bets may start with as low as $0.01 per line, and the maximum bet is up to $100 for all active pay lines per spin.

It’s not difficult to start playing this game because you will deal with of the familiar symbols found in any casino. These include Elvis, go-go girls, host dice, poker cards, and roulette. By getting winning combinations out of these symbols, you not only get bigger winnings right away; you also qualify for other special rounds such as bonus features and an increasing jackpot.

The Crazy Vegas RTG game is filled with wilds, scatters and free spins. The Crazy Vegas symbol serves both as the wild and scatter, and these give you up to 100x multiplier for your winnings depending on how they appeared on your reels.

Free spins are also won if you get multicolored chips in your pay-lines, particularly in reels 2, 3 and 4. These free spins may likewise lead you to even greater multipliers that will boost your current winnings. However, this feature is not present in free games.

There is also the Big Bonus symbol that appears on reels 1 and 5. By spinning the wheels of this symbol you will be awarded with the resulting multiplier amount that will be added to your winnings. Since this game offers a progressive jackpot, it’s up to you to come up with a plan to maximize your earnings within a short period of time.

Play Bowled Over Free Online

New from Rival, the Bowled Over online slot machine game really pushes the envelope of the popular iSlot titles with excellent graphics as well as quality game play to go along with it. While bowling may not seem all that exciting, this game will change the minds of many, with realistic visuals and sound effects. Best of all, it has excellent payouts and bonus features to really keep player’s interest in the game going. Rival’s iSlots are incredibly popular, and the Bowled Over online slot machine is sure to increase that popularity.

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The Bowled Over online slot machine is a five reel, twenty line slot machine which can be played anywhere from one to ten coins per line. The coin value can be set by the user as well and can range from .01 per coin to a dollar or more, depending on the Rival powered online casino where the game is played.

Game play consists of setting the lines, the coins per line then clicking spin to spin the reels. From there, the reels spin and if any line that has been bought has three matching pay symbols in a row, from left to right, that line is a winner. Payouts range from 3x to 375x the line bet in regular play, plus there is a jackpot symbol which pays 4x for a two of a kind and up to 3000x the line bet.

Bonuses are the name of the game for Bowled Over. First, during regular play, there are expanding wild cards that literally explode an entire reel into a wild card when they show up on the screen. Showing up only the first two reels, they not only help make payouts happen, they double them with a 2x payout bonus whenever these wilds appear.

There are two other bonus features Bowled Over has to offer as well. The first is a free spins bonus, which is triggered by getting three or more free spin icons anywhere on the play table. This opens a mode where the player plays an actual frame of bowling, and where strikes have the highest payouts. There is even a special bonus for when a player plays ten frames.

The final mode is a free spin mode, where the player gets 10 free spins and a free 2x multiplier for three icons, 20 free spins and a 3x multiplier for four icons, and five icons yields 40 spins and a 40x multiplier. On top of this, there is a jackpot during this game mode as well.

Rival has a winner on its hands with the Bowled Over online slot machine game. This game has it all, including great graphics, great basic game play and a quality bonus feature that is not only luck but skill based as well. For bowlers, fans of bowling or simply those looking for an excellent online slot machine experience, the Bowled Over slot machine is a perfect choice. Great payouts await and start practicing those strikes!

Play All Aboard Slot Machine Free Online

The All Aboard online slot machine is the newest game out from the online casino software company Rival gaming. It’s a railroad themed game offering great graphics, unique game play and tons of opportunities to win. The game itself is geared more to the casual player who wants to win smaller amounts more often, but there are still a couple bonuses that you can hit and walk away with big winnings.

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All Aboard online slot machine is a 5 reel slot machine with up to twenty pay lines available. Basic payouts range from 2x for two of the gold railroad spike symbol to 1600x for five of this same symbol. All the other payouts require three of a kind or better to get a payout and these payouts range from 3x to 32x for three.

The wild card symbol, a vintage looking train, shows up only on the first two reels and will fill the entire reel as a wild symbol. Winning lines that use the wild will pay double what they would normally. Like many popular online casino slot machines, All Aboard slot machine can be played as a penny slot machine, up to a quarter, making it budget friendly, or very payout friendly depending on your preference.

The All Aboard slot machine offers a couple different bonus rounds. The first is a free spin mode that is activated by getting three or more Casey Jones symbols anywhere on the board. Scoring three Casey Jones symbols is good for 10 free spins and also gives you a 2x multiplier during those spins. Four icons gives you twenty spins and a 3x multiplier. The top free spin bonus is forty spins and a 4x bonus if you are lucky enough to get five Casey Jones symbols. Landing Casey Jones icons during the free spins can add free spins as well.

The other bonus mode is the bonus bell mode. Land three bonus bells or more and the bonus feature is activated, taking you to a different screen. In this mode, there are nine box cars that you must open. One of them is empty but the rest are filled with coin prizes. These cars range from a few hundred coins to a few thousand and the average take from this mode is between 2,500 coins and 5,000 coins. The total of each box with coins are added together as your bonus and this feature is over when you find the empty box car.

All Aboard is Rival’s latest game and the attention to detail is striking. The bonuses are well placed, well timed and well executed and are sure to keep players happy and playing the game for hours. The visuals are very well executed and the audio track is one that should be left to play, rather than muted. Instead of reel noises, there are train noises and the sound effects are all very lifelike. Being new, there are people playing for that reason alone but expect All Aboard to become a consistent favorite on the casinos that offer this game.