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Play As The Reels Turn 1 Slot Machine Free Online

When a slot game theme hits it big with casino goers, it gets to have a sequel. A good example would be Slotocash Casino’s As The Reels Turn 1. As The Reels Turn 1 is the first episode of the three-part slot game series, As The Reels Turn. As The Reels Turn 1 launched the series itself, bringing a whole new style of slot game to the table. From the beginning, As The Reels Turn 1 was modeled as a three-part i-Slots series, but even absent of this fact, the game would have gotten a sequel anyway as it is so popular with Slotocash players.

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The story that unfolds while you play the game is well animated and has a very entertaining casino based soap opera feel. The game icons are easily identifiable, while the sounds and music is very pleasing to the ear. Players find themselves not only enjoying the slot game itself, but are also drawn into the unfolding action of the plot.

The game basically revolves around the life of casino mogul Matt G., the main character. Matt G. is one of the many symbols in this game’s reels. His symbol, along with the symbols of Chrissy, his female friend, and the Don, his adversary, is part of the regular reel. These character symbols are joined by the letter, lobster and wine symbols. The jackpot is triggered by the El Paradiso and the chips stack symbol, and of course, you jackpot would depend on your exact bet.

The great thing about As The Reels Turn 1 is that unlike the other i-Slots games in the Slotocash Online Casino, it gives players a better opportunity to win with the help of scatter symbols. Scatter symbols bring rewards even if they don’t appear in order. As long as they appear in the reels at least three times, you win something. The scatter symbols for this game are Ivan, the Piranha, and Tommy W., the Elvis Impersonator. Hitting Tommy W. will trigger the bonus round, while hitting Ivan more than twice will trigger the free spins round.

The free bonus spins themselves provide three times the normal payout every time a winning spin is rolled while they are in use, which can provide a substantial increase to your bankroll. The bonus games themselves are also free to play, and provide the opportunity to also increase your profits with free coins. The first couple bonus games provide a possible substantial increase, but the more you play them the more the coin amounts decrease.

You can play a maximum of 15 lines in the game. The lowest bet possible is one coin worth $0.01. The highest possible bet is $75 with 5 coins amounting to $1.00 each. As you progress with the game, you get to unlock several scenes and bonus rounds. This is actually what interests people – the game’s storyline. As The Reels Turn 1 is definitely a slot game worth a try.

Play As The Reels Turn 2 Slot Machine Free Online

As the Reel Turns 2: The Gamble is one of the most popular i-Slot games available at online casinos. As The Reels Turn 2 is the second installment to the As The Reels Turn i-Slots series which currently is a three part saga. It is one of the most unique slot games you can play and its storyline is followed religiously by players. The first installment basically featured a simple storyline involving the exploits of Matt G., owner of El Paradiso Casino. People keep on playing this game, not just for the money, but also to follow the storyline itself. You see, the story progresses as you play more.

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The game features high detail graphics and excellent quality sounds. The music played between cut scenes is very pleasing and inviting, and the bonus games provide a fun addition to an already entertaining slot game. Not only are there plenty of chances to win free spins, they provide three times the payout that regular spins provide, which can greatly increase your winnings.

As The Reels Turn 2: The Gamble is similar to its prequel, but there are differences between the two. Of course, story-wise, As The Reels Turn 2 picks up from where the first As The Reels Turns left off. Aside from that, the game features more symbols that represent different things now. Elvis impersonator, Tommy W., is now gone and has been replaced by Danny. His symbol now triggers the bonus round. Matt G., Chrissy and the Don have been replaced in the slots by Jamie, Vanessa and Rex. The letter, the lobster and the wine are still in place and so are the jackpot symbols of the chip stack and the El Paradiso logo.

The scatter symbols still apply in As The Reels Turn 2. These are applicable to Danny, Ivan, the bonus symbol and Advance to Next Scene, which triggers the next scene for the story. If you want to progress game-wise, you should take advantage of these symbols. The Advance to Next Scene will show you the next parts of the story, while the rest help you get better rewards.

Like the original game, the lowest bet is $0.01 with one coin and the highest bet is $1.00 with 5 coins. You may play a maximum of 15 lines at one go – the more lines you play, the better chances of winning. Of course, just like any casino game, you should learn to play within your means.

As The Reel Turns 2: The Gamble is one of the most fun and entertaining slots available on the market today. Participating in the soap opera like storyline brings a whole new level of enjoyment, making this series of i-slot games completely innovative and different then any other slot game on the market.

Play As The Reels Turn 3 Slot Machine Free Online

As The Reels Turn 3 is the third and latest instalment of the very popular As The Reel Turns trilogy. The series is a well-followed i-Slots game that revolves around the life and dealings of Matt G., the El Paradiso Casino owner. What makes this series stand out is the advancing storyline that progresses the more you play the game.

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The game itself features pleasing graphics and very appealing sound effects. The beginning of the game gives well detailed instructions as to what is going on and also provides the option to participate in the other games of the series just in case you would like to follow the story from the beginning. The different scenes throughout the game are fun and entertaining, which also help progress the story along its course. Before each cut scene, players are given a chance to put input into the story via specially tailored bonus games. The bonus games that are offered in between each cut scene provide players with a chance to win more bonus coins, which can be used while playing the game for more chances to increase your bankroll.

Since the first instalment, there have been many additions and changes. As The Reels Turn 3 presents the most changes to date. It is advisable to play the first two instalments of the series before playing this one, which will help you get a feel for what is going on within the game series, as well as catch you up on the advancing storyline.

In this third version of the series, the lobster, letter and wine have been eliminated. Instead, the old symbols of Matt G., Dona and Vanessa have returned, taking the place of the removed symbols. For the higher character symbols, there are Jamie, Danny and Mrs. Livingston. Since the Danny symbol has stepped down as a bonus trigger, Pampers, the dog, now replaces it. Ivan remains in place and is still a scatter free spin trigger. The Bonus symbols are now gone and the only other scatter symbol is the Advance to Next Scene symbol, which is one symbol people look forward to getting. The jackpot remains to be triggered by the El Paradiso and the chip stack symbols.

The game is now more difficult to play, as there are less rewards symbols. Pampers is also hard to pull out, so the bonus sequence is harder to get to. Of course, people are still lured in by the want to unearth the story progression. The minimum and maximum bet stays the same – $0.01 and $1.00, respectively. The maximum coin bet is still 5 and the maximum lines for play is still 15.

The As The Reels Turn series is one of the most successful i-Slots games found within the online casino market. People are not only intrigued by the game itself, but also by the developing storyline. This is the perfect i-Slots theme model: Enticing not only for play and reward, but also for the story that is slowly unfolding.

Play Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Machine Free Online

Slots games are practically a game of chance, but what if you can have the opportunity make your dreams come true with each and every spin? Well, RTG has made it a point to fulfil your needs by unleashing the Aladdin’s Wishes online slots. This game stands out from all other RTG games because it is only available in a downloadable version, giving you better access to its rounds right away. If you are looking for a truly entertaining way to spend time playing slots, then this is the game to check out.

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The Aladdin’s Wishes RTG game is based primarily on the theme of Arabian Nights and other related fairy tales. It follows the typical 5-reel, 20 line video slots format, and it offers a lot of features to increase winnings during spins. What makes this game entertaining is that the graphics are highly interactive and you shouldn’t get too bored, even after playing a number of rounds.

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Aside from the graphics, this video slots game is also filled with different ways to get the jackpot prize. Although the jackpot is fixed at 10,000 credits, the bonuses can compensate and further boost your winnings.

The objective of the game is for you to get a winning combination on every active pay line you placed your bet on. You can wager a maximum of $100 per spin, or around $5.00 per line. Because of the wide variety of wagering options, this slot game has become a great choice for both penny slot enthusiasts and high rollers.

When playing the Aladdin’s Wishes USA Casino game, you have to watch out for certain symbols, as getting the right combinations can provide you with big winnings. These include the genie, lamp, Aladdin, palace, Yataghan, monkey, princess, sack with coins, magic carpet, fruit, jug and crown.

As mentioned above, the game has many features to boost winnings, and these include the wild, scatter and multipliers. Aladdin’s image serves as the wild symbol, and it replaces all other symbols in an active pay line to complete a winning combination. It also opens doors to a fixed jackpot when it is combined with the Princess symbols.

The scatter symbol meanwhile is represented by the Magic Lamp, and it awards a 2x multiplier for a winning combination. Three scatter symbols also trigger the bonus round.

There are two kinds of jackpots in Aladdin’s Wishes RTG game, the progressive and fixed jackpots. Progressive jackpots are triggered by getting more multipliers during rounds, and you may get up to 25 free spins. The fixed jackpot meanwhile offers a top prize of $10,000.

Aladdin’s Wishes USA Casino Game is probably one of the most generous of the games offered by RTG. You have better odds of winning both progressive and fixed jackpots, and you can easily form a strategy to increase winnings within a short period of time, even if you are just wagering small bets.

Play Aztecs Treasure Slot Machine Free Online

One of the best themes that RTG has ever applied on its games is the Aztec setting. According to history, this was the civilization that used gold on a daily basis, and was even tagged as the real “El Dorado.” Casino games are all about giving away gold-in terms of cash prizes, and with this theme, players can become more enticed to spin their luck to win bigger jackpots. And with that said, RTG presents the Aztec’s Treasure USA casino game.

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Aztec’s Treasure USA casino game is known for its animated graphics and period-inspired Mexican theme, which can be seen on how the interface was set up and as well as in the symbols used in the reels. Among the symbols used in this game are the Aztec King, idol, Aztec Lady, jaguar, coin, Aztec Warrior and Necklace. The high card values are likewise designed in the Aztec styles.

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There is a lot of animation in this game, especially when the Aztec King symbol functions as a wild to create a winning combination. However, most of the animated transition styles are not more than ordinary. Music is likewise played during the free spins, which is totally catchy and enticing to the ears.

Aztec’s Treasure RTG game follows the same format as that of other online slots, with 5 reels and 20 active pay lines. Players can bet on each pay line starting at $0.01, with the biggest bet at $1 per line. They may also want to bet on all pay lines, with a maximum of $20 per spin. This game also has its Auto Play feature which players could adjust accordingly.

When playing Aztec’s Treasures, players should first choose a coin denomination be pointing the arrows on the BET button. Denominations range from 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 to 5.00. Players may also enable 20 pay lines by operating the arrows found at the LINES button.

In this game, winning combinations are only paid when they take place in enabled pay lines. Players should keep in mind that they are constrained to wager only one coin per line by default. Once they have completed their game settings, they can now click the SPIN button.

In Aztec’s Treasure, the Aztec King symbol functions as the wild, and it appears in reels 2, 3, and 4. The idol symbol meanwhile represents the scatter function, and three of this symbol appearing on the reels will result to a scatter payout, which is multiplied by the player’s total bet. Five scatter symbols appearing on the reels will provide a payout of 100 coins.

The scatter symbols may also provide bonuses, especially when they appear during free spins. They likewise re-trigger more free spins. During the free spins, all payouts are tripled, except for bonus prizes. The progressive jackpot meanwhile is hit randomly, and does not depend on the player’s wagered amount and as well does not require any winning combination. This gives players more odds of winning and increasing their prizes without spending more.

Aztec’s Treasure is one game that is worth playing. While it does not exaggerate in winning stakes and prizes, it gives players more chances of winning easily. With that said, most players find the game a good place to hang out even at times when they have to control their gaming funds.

Best Places to Play Slots Online For US Players

In the below article we here at have detailed the best 3 casinos for US players to play slots. Those 3 are:

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1Slotocash CasinoReview$7,777 Free for Slots
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2Club World CasinoReview100% up to $150 Other Games Bonus
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3Lucky Red CasinoReview400% Bonuses Up to $4,000
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Keep reading below to find out why we chose these 3 casinos as the best of the best for US players looking to play slots online.

Grand Parker Casino: Best Slots Casino Online

Play Now at Grand Parker CasinoThe Grand Parker Casino promises to offer members an unforgettable gaming experience, packed with an extensive array of games, sensational bonus rewards and round-the-clock customer service.

With a huge variety of games to choose between, players at Grand Parker will never experience a dull moment. With close to 100 slots games and amazing 50+ tables games, the selection doesn’t end there. There is the chance to indulge in video poker alongside other exclusive games, which are constantly being added to and updated. What’s more, hosted on the state-of-the-art Casino platform, Real Time Gaming, provides outstanding graphics to each and every game, once again your heightening overall experience.

Grand Parker not only enables players to play a wide range of fantastically addictive games, but they make sure to keep their players happy with a great selection of promotional rewards and bonuses. The Casino continually offers glamorous bonuses such as 400% on slots and up to $8,000 payout if you are feeling particularly lucky!

Grand Parker Casino Homepage Grand Parker Casino Table Games Grand Parker Casino Promotions

Grand Parker has only recently launched their very first mobile function, so players can enjoy all the fun and excitement of their favorite games on-the-go! The mobile function has full access to loads of great games, including 4 of the most popular slots. Additionally, the full cashier capability allows users to quickly and easily handle their winnings. Bear in mind that this feature is only available on iOS compatible devices.

So, if you are looking for an overall great gaming experience, offering brilliant rewards as well as a little more style and sophistication than the rest, Grand Parker is the place to play! For more information on Grand Parker, read our up to date Grand Parker Review now.

Club World Casino: Best Casino to Play Slots Online

Club World Casino (also known as Club USA Casino) is one of the best casino websites to play slots at on the web today. The site itself has been in operation since 2004, survived in the United States through the Black Friday crisis with some of the top sites getting shut down, and uses Real Time Gaming software. Real Time gaming software is the most trusted software for online gambling today. Play Now at Club World CasinoYou will have very fast and clear games, with excellent animation on all of the slot machines. The one thing about Club World Casino is that the site is constantly updated with new and improved games, so the player receives the best gaming experience possible.

The customer support at Club World Casino is unquestionably the best in the online gaming industry. You can use live chat to contact customer support directly with questions, use e-mail, or you can call the phone number listed. When it comes to depositing on to the site, it is simple as well. If you are looking to get in on the action, the deposit methods such as credit cards are processed in an instant. You will almost never have trouble getting funds on or offline when playing slots at Club World Casino.

Club World Crazy Dragon Slots Club World I.R.I.S. 3000 Slots Club World Field of Green Slots

There are also some of the most appealing slot machines at Club World Casino. These slot machines include some massive and also medium sized progressive jackpots that consistently get hit by players. There are hundreds of happy players on Club World Casino, and you can certainly be next.

Read the Club World Casino Review for more information on why Club World is one of the best places for USA players to play Slots online.

Begado Casino: Best Casino to Play Slots Online

Powered by NuWorks advanced gaming software, Begado Casino delivers premium gaming to a growing number of international players. With NuWorks technology, players enjoy intuitive usability, high-speed loading and a gaming environment dedicated to entertainment and safety. For slots players, Begado Casino provides an amazing selection of games and great bonus promotions. Players can choose from some of the newest slots games online and play them in an exciting gaming atmosphere complete with cutting edge graphics and stereo sound.

Play Now at Begado CasinoWith frequent updates to their game menu, players have access to the best and newest titles available. Developed with vivid colors, fast animation and crystal clear sound, these games come fully equipped with the best features tailored made for the best possible slots gaming experience. In addition to amazing graphics, Begado ensures players have a safe and fair experience as well. A certified random number generator guarantees that every game is 100% fair and the Begado privacy policy protects player’s details and banking information.

In terms of bonuses, Begado serves up an amazing welcome offer which is redeemable for any and all slots games. This welcome offer gives players a 333% match bonus up to $3,000-–applicable to all slots games. The best part is that this offer is for a player’s first three deposits after signing up. This gives each new sign-up a complete welcome package of as much as $9,999. Additionally, players can receive daily match bonuses for slots with Begado’s weekly specials.

Read the Begado Casino Review for more information on why Begado Casino is one of the best places for USA players to play Slots online.

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