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Video Poker Strategy

When video poker burst on to the scene in the late 1970s, it took casino players a few years to welcome this form of gaming. It was not until computer technology and home gaming became popular in the 1980s that this form of game really took off. Nowadays, video poker is one of the most popular games you will find in a casino and unsurprisingly, it has transferred to the online casino market very well.

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Just like poker itself, there are strategies that players can use when playing video poker. While there is no guarantee of 100% success when using a video poker strategy, choosing the right strategy and sticking with it can help a player to minimise their losses and improve their chances of being a winner. The simplest strategy with most casino games, including video poker, is based around money management.

Think about your bankroll

Your first step should be to break your bankroll down into smaller units and one unit should be equal to one credit on the machine. If $0.25 is the minimum bet on the video poker machine, this should be the level of one unit in your bankroll. A player that has $100 to play with and is playing a video poker machine which has a minimum bet of $0.25 will find that they have 400 units to bet with.

A player should set up loss and win limits. The loss limit will be the most amount of units you are prepared to lose in your video poker session and the win limit will be the profit amount you are happy with and will walk away with when you achieve it. A modest profit level to aim for is 20% and this equates to 40 units.

You should begin playing the video poker game by wagering 1 unit. If you win, return to 1 unit for your next wager. If you lose, you should double the wager amount. After one loss at $0.25, the next bet should be $0.50 and if this is lost, it will rise to $1.00. This system is commonly referred to as the Martingale system and while it is not 100% fool proof, it can provide a good parameter for players to walk away from the video games. For many people, the most important factor is to know your limits for both profit and loss.

Know what cards to keep

Another playing strategy for video poker is to aim to play the highest possible poker hand at all times. This means that if the chance arises, you should always look to hold onto:

A Royal Flush
A Straight Flush
A Four of a Kind or
A Full house

You should even consider holding a three of a kind or when holding two pairs but there are other things to consider. With the three of a kind, you should ditch the two remaining cards to leave the chances of a four of a kind or full house available. With the two pair option, you should look to discard your fifth card in order to aim for a full house.

If you have a straight or a flush, you should only consider breaking them up when you have four cards that represent a chance of a royal flush. For example, if you held the A, K, Q, J and a 9, all in club cards, you should look to discard your 9 and play in hope of picking up a 10 of clubs. As a backup, you will find you can aim for a straight with any 10 card or the chance to grab a minimum of a jacks or better.

Luck will play a big part in the final outcome when playing video poker, but using proper video poker strategy can make all the difference.

Play Deuces Wild Video Poker Free Online

Deuces Wild Video Poker is a very popular choice amongst many online casino goers. It’s popularity is the reason why the game can be found among many online casino establishments. Poker itself is one of the biggest casino games ever, and video poker is growing at an astounding rate. It removes many of the drawbacks of the game that some players are unable to attend with, mainly the ability to bluff. Bluffing is not required when playing video poker. In video poker there is only one person playing against a set number of odds.

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Deuces Wild Video Poker is very similar to the commonly found and played table game 5 card draw. In this variation, like rules found in many friendly home games, the deuces are the wild card. This means that any 2 card drawn can be used to complete any poker hand, making it a one in 6.5 chance of drawing one to increase your chances of winning.

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The game itself costs $.05 to play each round, though this amount can be multiplied up to 5 times. Each additional bet will increase the payout table to the next highest level, up to a total of $.25, making this a relatively low cost game to play. This makes the game a favorite choice among many beginning online casino players, especially those who aren’t high rollers and are still looking for the enjoyment of online casino games. It is an excellent game for many beginning gamblers to get started and increase their bankroll, and get through the learning curve of online video poker games.

Deuces Wild Video Poker differs from 5 card draw when it comes to winning hands. In the game of 5 card draw it is possible for a player to win the hand with a simple pair or two. In Deuces Wild Video Poker, the smallest winning hand that offers a payout is a three of a kind. Another thing that makes the game different is the ability to double your winnings after each winning hand.

After winning a hand the player is given the option of playing a game of “double or nothing.” If the player chooses to play, the computer dealer will deal out 5 cards with the first one showing. The player then takes a chance by choosing one of the other four face down cards in an attempt to score a higher card then the dealers. If the player succeeds in beating the dealer he doubles his profits for the hand, if he ties or loses though, he gets nothing. Upon winning, the player will get the same option to double his money again, or simply walk away with what is earned thus far. The player can continue to double the pot as long as the game is won, and it is completely up to the player on when to stop wagering and continue on with the next round of video poker. This option can have the potential to increase the hand earning to much higher levels then the original payout table could provide.

Play Deuces And Joker Video Poker Free Online

There are many different reasons why players flock by the thousands to play the Deuces and Joker video poker game. Poker has been a favored casino game since its creation in the 1800s, and today its played all over the world in hundreds of casinos. Not only is it big in land based casinos, but many online casinos offer a wide variety of variations in both table game and video poker formats.

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The Deuces and Joker video poker game is a variation of a 5 card draw poker game, with the four “deuces” or twos, are considered wild. This means that any deuce the player draws in their hand can be used to substitute any card needed for a winning hand. In addition to the four deuces, a single Joker card has also been included into the deck to be used as a wild card as well. This means that within a 53 card deck, there are 5 wild cards, which is just under 10% of the deck!

In order to receive a payout for winning, a hand of three of a kind or higher is required. This might seem a little extreme for a poker game, though it comes up quite often with all of the available wild cards within the deck. The highest payout which is possible requires 4 deuces and a joker, which pays a whopping 10,000 credits; this does require to be on the tier 5 payout table though.

There are 5 payout tiers available, and changing between tiers can easily be done changing the number of bets at the bottom of the game. The amount wagered it multiplied by the tier the player chooses. In addition to increasing your wager per hand, players can also increase the number of playable hands as well.

In the Deuces and Joker video poker game, up to 5 hands can be played at one time. Each hand requires an additional wager, which again multiplies your original wager by the number of hands. Keep in mind that things can get rather expensive when attempting to play 5 hands on the tier 5 payout table, but this maximizes your chances of winning.

Things are done a little differently when playing multiple hands. When the deal begins 5 cards are shown to the player face up, and cards are chosen to be kept for the final hand. These chosen cards are then used for each additional hand played as well, while new cards are drawn into each additional hand. Then each hand is matched against the payout table and the player receives winnings for each hand that pays.

When the players win a hand, they can choose to take a chance to double their winnings. This is accomplished by pressing the “Double” button at the bottom of the screen. Five cards are then drawn, one being the dealers card which is face up. The player then choses from the four remaining face down cards in an attempt to get a higher card then the dealer; the dealer wins all ties. If the player succeeds in beating the dealer, he doubles his bank, but losing means he walks away with nothing. The player can decide to keep his winnings, or he can attempt to double them an additional time. In fact, he can keep doubling his winnings this way as much as he chooses.

Play Double Joker Video Poker Free Online

Double Joker is a great video poker game for both new players and seasoned veterans alike. The gameplay is relatively close to the classic poker game 5 Card Draw. The game begins with 5 card being dealt to the player face up. The player then selects which cards to keep for the final hand, then the rest are discarded and replaced with new cards from the deck. This is the final poker hand for the player, and the game will decide what the payout is according to the table.

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What makes this game differ from other video poker games is the inclusion of 2 Joker cards in the deck. These cards act as wild cards and can be used as any other card within the deck. In fact, holding at least one joker in your hand is the only way to get a payout for 5 of a kind. Players need to take note that payouts for the Double Joker video poker game are slightly different then other video poker games. A winning hand must consist of at least 2 pair or higher in order to receive any return.

There are 5 different tiers for payouts in the game, which corresponds to the number of coins the player is willing to wager. Each tier offers a higher winning payout, but requires the player to wager up to 5 times as much. The minimum that can be wagered per hand is $.05 and the maximum amount the player can wager is $10.

There is also the option of wagering on multiple hands, by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the game labeled “# Hands.” The maximum number of hands that can be played is 5, and the wager is increased for each hand played. The player is then dealt a hand of 5 cards face up, and then gets to choose which cards to hold. These cards will then be the basis for all the hands and new cards will be dealt to each individual hand to fill in the remainders. This gives the player up to 5 different chances for payout using the cards held from the initial hand, and each winning hand pays out per usual.

In addition to the ability to wager multiple hands, the game also features a “Double or Nothing” option for each round the player receives a payout. By pressing the button at the bottom labeled “Double” after a payout has been determined, the player can attempt to double his profits. When this option is chosen, 5 cards are dealt with one card face up for the dealer. The player then gets to choose one card from the remaining 4 which he or she thinks will beat the dealers card. If successful, the player doubles his payout, but if the chosen card is equal to or lower then the dealers, he forfeits his entire payout for the round and receives nothing.

The game itself has a return percentage of 98.1%, which is a relatively high return rate for video poker games. When used with a proper strategy, Double Joker can provide some significant increases to your existing bankroll, as long as the player is patient and diligent.

Play Aces And Faces Video Poker Free Online

The game Aces and Faces is one of the most popular poker games in casinos and online poker sites. It has spiced up the traditional poker experience. The game introduces a high-risk mode of poker, which allows people to double up their money in a short amount of time. Players who are involved with Aces and Faces are mostly experts and seasoned veterans. This is because the game offers higher chances of garnering cash compared to traditional poker games.

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The game of Aces and Faces involves only cards with faces on them. These cards are the kings, queens, jacks and aces. All other cards are rendered with no value. The risk of getting a numerical card is great since it comprises 75% of the total cards. By following the tips and guides around the net, players can find the means to win.

The game itself is not very graphically appealing, and the background music can tend to become very annoying. It features a computer sounding voice that is barely recognizable when heard, and the other game interface sounds are very generic. One thing can can be said is, with the graphical and audio flaws, the game itself plays very smoothly. The load time itself is very minimal, and the reaction time when pressing one of the buttons is flawless.

The quality of the game all depends on the players personal preference. There are many online casino players who don’t mind overlooking the graphics and game sounds for a chance to play on a game that has great performance and good reaction time. This is where Aces and Faces excels, as the players can continue to play the game without any interruption, or unnecessary, time consuming game animations.

Players need to modify their style of play from more traditional poker games in order to win. Players need to be careful and conservative when spending money. Slack players are the ones who always lose due to their inability to wait for the right cards to appear. People should remember that poker is a game of patience, conservative players win since they can wait for the right cards to appear even though it could take hours. Players should also keep in mind that cards with faces are the only ones who are going to win, and the rate that these cards would appear is very low. That is why players should be conservative and bet money only if they get the right cards.

Another way to win the Aces and Faces is by bluffing. This is very tricky and requires a lot of experience in order to succeed. This can be done by being consistent. The players need to take the time to observe his opponents. Bluffing would not be successful if the players cannot identify the weaknesses of their opponents. Bluffing involves using the weaknesses of opponents against them. A good example would be how to trick tight and conservative players. People can easily take small pots when playing against tight players because the opposing player’s tendency and impulse is to fold every time he lacks the proper hand. The bluffer would simply need to call in order to win the pot.

Play Free Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a very entertaining poker variant due to the clever way of using the cards to get a winning set. Joker Poker uses fifty-three cards instead of the regular 52-card deck; the extra card is a joker. The joker is considered a powerful card since it can be used as any card the player requires to make a hand. This can be better explained by citing an example. When a player gets a combination of cards that include four of the same suit and a joker, the joker can equate to a card of any suit. This means that the player can declare a flush combination without having to have all 5 cards of the same suit.

We have included a free Joker Poker game below, play as long as you like to get the hang of it:

The added joker has changed the way the game is played. Getting four cards with no value can be changed instantly when a joker has been attained. That is why it is much easier to win. The probability that a winning combination can be attained with a joker is also higher than without the joker–although the payouts reflect this and will be lower as well. The joker appears more often that one would think–a little less than 10% of the time.

A lot of people have been successful in playing Joker Poker both online and at live casinos. The learning curve on how to play the game is very low compared to other games in the casino but yet still a ton of fun to play. Once a high card coupled with a joker appears, the players can win thousands of dollars depending on the jackpot and the amount of the bet.

Free Bonus Poker Deluxe

The video poker game Bonus Poker Deluxe is very unique in comparison to other Jacks or Better style games. It follows the classic “five card draw” poker design, counting anything that is a pair of Jacks or better. On the left of the game screen is listed the payout for each winning hand for player reference. The game states it costs only $0.01 per hand. At first glance this may seem trivial, but in all actuality fifty-two hands are being played. This makes the cost per “deal” $0.52 minimum. players may multiply their winnings by increasing the bet up to five times. Bonus Poker Deluxe has a maximum payout of $2,000,000.00!

Play Free Bonus Poker Deluxe:

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A game of Bonus Poker Deluxe starts by placing a bet and pressing the “Deal” button. Five cards will be dealt to the player. He or she can then choose which cards he or she would like to hold for the final poker hand. Remember only a “pair” of face cards (Jack, Queen, King and Ace) are acceptable pairs, though the cards used for a “three of a kind” or “full house” can be made using any card. Payout is also valid for “two pairs” by using pairs of any two cards. Neither of these pairs require a face card.

Pretty simple right? Now here is where things get a little tricky. Not only are the chosen cards used for the players current hand; they will be used for fifty-one other hands as well. This gives the player 52 total chances of winning! Each hand is dealt from an identical deck, meaning the odds are the same for each hand to receive any card. For instance, a player has three Jacks in his hand at first deal. He or she holds all three (of course) and discards the final 2. This would give the player a minimum of 52 payouts for a three of a kind (not too shabby) with each hand having a possibility of getting either a four of a kind or a full house (even better)!

Bonus Double Poker Deluxe can be confusing at first, but after a few rounds of playing, many will see why it is a popular game amongst online casino players. With some solid dedication and a strict strategy, a good amount of profits can be obtained from Bonus Double Poker Deluxe. Remember, good things come to those who wait. When it comes time for that pocket “four of a kind”, a patient player will receive 52 times the 75 credit payout (that amounts to 3900 total credits!).

Free All American Poker

The video poker game All American Poker is based upon the game Jacks or Better. The gameplay is almost identical to five card draw. All American Poker is geared towards small stakes player. The credit value is $0.05 and up to five credits can be wagered each hand.

The rules of play are quite simple. The player will first choose the number of credits he or she wishes to wager. This will determine the payout multiplier for the hand. Then the player is dealt five cards. He or she now has the option of selecting which cards to hold for their poker hand. The remainder are discarded and replaced with new cards from the top of the deck. This completes the players poker hand and the game refers to the payout chart to calculate your winnings. Any traditional poker hand will payout with the exception of a single pair. In order to obtain payout for a pair it must be a pair of face cards, hence the name Jacks or Better”

Play All American Poker Free Below:

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All American Poker also offers a bonus game. This bonus game can be optionally played after every winning hand for a chance to further your winnings. With this come a catch. The bonus game is “double or nothing”. If you win, the pot is doubled, but losing wipes out the pot completely.

Here is how the bonus game in All American Poker works. It is based upon the popular childhood card game called “war”. The dealer will first raw a card and show it to you face up. After that four cards will be placed down in front of the player. The player then chooses one of these four cards to flip over. If that card is higher than the dealers card, the player wins! If the player successfully wins at the bonus game, he is given the option of playing the bonus game again to double the pot even further. As long as the player continues to win the bonus game, he or she can continue playing the bonus game to keep doubling the pot’s profits. Just remember that every bonus game played is “double or nothing”. Losing any of them, no matter how many the player has won, will still reduce the pot’s total to zero.

All American Poker is an excellent choice of video poker for beginners and veterans alike who are interested in a small stakes video poker game. A carefully executed strategy, mixed with the bonus game, can easily put players on their way to moving up to higher stakes game play, and potentially higher profits.

Best Video Poker Casinos Online

Best Places to Play Video PokerThere are numerous types of video poker games offered by a number of various online casino sites. The fact that there are literally hundreds of Video Poker sites to choose from makes it possible for players to choose the site that most perfectly suits their individual needs.

There are many things to take into consideration when choosing an online casino site to play video poker machines on. Some casinos offer more suitable deposit methods for Video Poker players. Another consideration is that not all casino bonuses are available to video poker players, so you’ll want to look for a casino that offers bonuses that are clear-able by video poker players. Additionally, not every online video poker site is available in every part of the world, so you’ll want to look at casino sites that are available to residents of your country.

Top Three Video Poker Casinos for US Players:

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After that’s all out of the way, it’s time to take into consideration the legalities of the site. There are rogue casinos online and there are legally licensed operating entities. For obvious reasons, we’ll only be looking at the legally licensed and regulated casinos with video poker games. In this article we’ll also only be specifically looking at USA friendly video poker sites. That means we’re looking at video poker sites that not only offer games to residents of America, but sites that offer several deposit options for American’s as well.

What to Look for in Video Poker Sites

  • Lucrative Video Poker Bonuses
  • Vast Variety of Video Poker Titles
  • US Friendly Video Poker Sites
  • US Friendly Deposit Methods
  • Video Poker Bonuses

Free Video Poker Games on

Play Bonus Deuces Wild Free Now Play Bonus Deuces Wild Free Now Play Jacks or Better Poker Free Now

Nearly every casino on the internet offers bonuses to new players. The thing is there are three kinds of “Welcome” bonuses available. The first type is the type we’re looking for, the lucrative, bankroll enhancing video poker bonus. Then there are the laughable bonuses, the ones that are only worth $5 or so, and are really not worth the effort. Then there are the unrealistic bonuses. These are bonuses that seem lucrative at first glance, but come with this obstacle: The bonus can’t be cleared playing video poker games.

Most players (and casino reviewers for that matter) do not realize that the initial bonus offered on most casino websites is only available to slots players and that it cannot be cleared by playing video poker. In this article, we’re going to be looking at alternate casino bonuses, that video poker players ARE eligible for.

Club World Casino: Best Video Poker Casino

Club World Casino offers video poker players a 1st time deposit bonus that will double any deposit bonus up to the maximum deposit bonus of 100%. What that means is that a player can make a deposit of $150 which would max out the offer, and receive $150 in free casino credits, for a total of $300 to play with. The minimum casino deposit at Club World Casino is just $25 however, so if you’re working with a tighter budget, you could actually deposit $25, and receive a $25 bonus, for a total balance of $50.

The catch is pretty simple; players must wager ate least 50x the amount of the bonus before they’re eligible to cash out. Club World Casino offers 10 quality video poker games to play. Some of the most popular are Sevens Wild and Pick ‘Em.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino: Best Video Poker Casino

New players at Aladdin’s Gold Casino are offered a similar video poker bonus. At this casino players are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus (just like at Club World) however, there’s a little something extra available for players at Aladdin’s Gold Casino.

Aladdin’s Gold Casino is known for redeposit bonuses. Redeposit bonuses are available to existing players of a casino, and not just new members signing up. What that says to me is that this casino cares about retention, as well as new player acquisition. Redeposit bonus amounts vary so check out the casinos website for the latest offers.

Free Video Poker Games at Aladdins Casino

Play All American Poker Free NowBonus Poker Deluxe Free NowPlay Joker Poker Free Now

Aladdin’s Gold Casino features 13 video poker games to choose from. Players can play from 1 up to 52 hands at multi-hand Games.

Bovada Casino: Best Video Poker Casino

Another option for online video poker players is Bovada Casino, another USA Friendly online casino that also features online poker games. Bovada, a spin-off of features 17 video poker games, and a lucrative loyalty program. The casino features some MAC compatible video poker games as well.

Bovada Casino’s MAC Compatible Video Poker Games: Tri-Card Poker, Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Bonus Deuces Wild, 7’s & Stripes

Video Poker Sites that accept Credit Cards

Play at Club World Casino Now Play at Aladdins Gold Casino Now Play at Bovada Casino Now

All of the above casinos accept major credit and debit cards from US residents; however, some cards may not work independently due to restrictions that the credit card issuers have in place regarding gambling related transactions. In that case, payment processors like MyPayLinQ will work to bridge your credit card and the casino.

PrePaid Credit Cards that Work at Online Casinos

The following list of prepaid credit cards work at nearly any site online that accepts Visa and in some cases MasterCard: Account Now, AAA Visa, Netspend, All Access Visa Gift Card, Paypower, UPSIDE PREPAID, Rushcard Prepaid Visa, Wired Plastic Prepaid Credit Card, Ready Debit, Bank Freedom Prepaid Visa, Walmart Money

MyPaylinQ Casino Sites

MyPayLinQ is an online eWallet that works sort of like Skrill and PayPal. Video poker players can add or withdraw money from their MyPayLinQ accounts as well as use their accounts to make deposits at online poker sites that accept the payment option. In addition players can use MyPayLinQ to make person to person transfers, using the send money feature, just as they would with PayPal.

Play Free Jacks or Better Video Poker

The Jacks or Better video poker variant is a high stakes game that requires players to get at least a pair of jacks in order to win. A lot of players have chosen this poker variant since it offers them the chance to get the greatest amount of money compared to other games. Many casinos have used this exciting game to attract many players and is available at nearly every online and live casino.

Jacks or Better is most similar to traditional poker since it uses five cards and is a draw format. In order to win, the players should possess a combination of a pair of jacks or a better hand to guarantee a payout. Although the game is hard, the prices awaiting the winners are very high compared to other games depending on the jackpot. Since there is a perfect video poker strategy, expert players can win a decent amount of money just by only playing this game. This is why many people have been studying the best way to win and reduce the risk involved.

We have provided you the opportunity to play the Jacks or Better Video Poker game below:

One thing is for certain: Jacks or Better Video Poker is a game of patience. Players who follow an inconsistent strategy are the ones who always lose their money. Players will be able to win more money by not keeping trash cards and only keeping the cards that provide players to win money.

Players should remember that winning combinations are limited to pairs of the four face cards only. This would include the king, queen, jacks and ace; but also includes any two pair, three of a kind or higher.